#vivekswarehousesale An event to remember forever

This is one event I would remember forever.


It is from one of my fav brand in Retail – Viveks

I have also had the chance to meet the CEO of the company and had the chance to interact with him.

This was the event which was held today(26/3/16) in the warehouse of Viveks India in Manapakkam-Mugalivakkam Road. The event was scheduled at 11AM and few of us were there by 10:30AM.

Lot of people in the meantime had started talking about it and it had become a Trending Topic too!! The hash tag that was used for this conversation was #vivekswarehousesale


The reach was real massive!!


Needless to say, I started the conversation first 🙂


 It was a real nice sight to watch that the topic was trending for more than 2 hours.


 The hash tag took the TOP Trend too 🙂


Now coming to what exactly had happened over there. We were arranged for #WalkTheTalkWithCEO and the CEO Mr.Srinivas arrived on time. We were given refreshments prior to his arrival.

As soon as he came in, there was an aura. The man was really simple inspite of being a CEO of such a reputed brand which has a turnover of Rs.500 crores. The company had a humble beginning in 1965 with an initial investment of Rs.10,000 and this has become a brand to reckon with in South India and is a house hold name in Tamilnadu and then in Karnataka.

The company is being managed by Mr Srinivas and Mr Kothandaraman and they have seen the brand successfully running over for 50 years now. Inspite of being threatened by the emergence of eCommerce Sites and other brands, this brand VIVEKS survives – all because of Public Strength and Confidence who have been a customer with them for decades.

My personal experience dates back to 1980’s where my parent’s use to go for their New Year Sale, stand in the queue and buy the product they wanted at genuine discounts in Purasawalkam, Chennai. They later started extending it for 2 days and now it is done for 3 days i.e Dec 31, Jan 1 and 2.

Mr Srinivas answered so many questions including the business model as to how they take care of deliveries by starting to deliver to the farthest point first. He also said that he cannot afford unlike online companies who burn the money to sell the product at loss which he termed “Funding the Pricing” because if he do so himself, he has to shut down the shop.

He also answered on how the discounts work and also talked about their in-house brand and after sales service which differentiates Online and Offline purchase. They are very much available online as well and you can browse their site here

As far as the warehouse is concerned, it is real huge and has got more than 100,000+ products on display with 1,000+ brands and 100+ products for each brand. Some of the captures are listed below:









I was lucky to be snapped with him 🙂

ViveksCEO and ME

Do check the SALE since it is available till tomorrow(27/3/16). You would surely get more than what your money could buy 🙂


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