My Review – Songs of the Mist

Songs of the Mist is a novel written as a part of The Monk Key Series by Shashi.

I sat down to read the e-version of the book. The story revolves around few characters like Ayan, Calliope, Vashudha who are from different parts of the world with different background.

While Ayan has worked as a Scientist from India in Geneva, Calliope was from Vienna. Vashudha is a celebrity singer from Mumbai and Ashutosh. Ashutosh had always been dreaming about meeting the Monk and to get to understand the meaning of life. He gets to meet Anishka – a Yogini initially who is the principle disciple of his guru Baba who came from Tibet.

The books talks in great detail about the spiritualism by combining it really well with the real life incidents making it a perfect connect. This is where the writer strikes the chord as this would appeal for both – atheist and theist.

The revelation of Monk and the lifestyle he leads which we might have heard or seen in movies was explained in great detail in this book making you get to know about their life as if you were watching it from the close quarters. Baba did not want to accept Ashutosh as his disciple immediately as knew for the fact that living the life of a Baba needs greater sacrifice, if not any. This made Ashutosh keep coming every year to him from Varanasi. There are lot of references to Nature and being a nature lover myself, I couldn’t ask for more.

Though Ashutosh wanted to take the spiritual route, he wasn’t comfortable with lot of things like food, staying in cold places, taking bath on cold rivers. Ayan who wanted to write a in-house magazine by doing a research on few Yogis by doing brain-mapping could not find the right person and he was dejected about this as he kept waiting at the Badrinath temple impatiently for days. This was brought to the notice of Baba and Ashutosh meets Ayan.

Ayan gets introduced to Yogini and he gets attracted to her. I must say at this juncture tat this is a slow moving story honestly but it makes you feel the reality of life as it cannot be captured any better 🙂

The story goes further with involving other two main characters. There were some interesting twists and turns in the end. All I would say is to buy this book, to read and reveal it by yourself because it is surely worth the read, your time and money.

By the way, the Tribal Girl Kyaka is none other than one of the friend of Ayan in his previous birth.

This novel is available on Flipkart and Amazon.


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