Five Star Chicken Meet

The ever amazing Five Star Chicken Meet was held on 30/3/2016 in Chennai in their Alwarpet Office. This meet was attended by selected bloggers and I must say we all were amazed by what the brand is all about.

The bloggers including me reached the venue at 1:15PM and he event commenced at 1:30PM. We were told that the brand is known just as Five Star in other countries except in India where it is called Five Star Chicken. The company operates kiosk model in other countries and since there is no overhead like rent, electricity as much as in the other places, the benefits are directly passed to the consumers which means one could get great food at great prices.

Many of us would have the notion that this was owned by an Indian or this has originated from India. This isn’t the case. This is a multinational brand and it was originated in Thailand some 95 years back. Yes. You read it right. The parent company of Five Star Chicken is in business since 1921. Five Star Chicken comes from Thai Multi-National Conglomerate CP Foods with over $13billion sales in Agro and Food Industry, globally. Its products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

CP Foods is a pioneer in the industry is also known to be the world’s largest feed manufacturing company, as well as the largest shrimp/prawn manufacturing company in the world. In terms of poultry (chicken), it is one of the top 5 companies in the world.

1.Five Star Chicken was launched in 1985 at Ladprao 80 Street in Thailand.

2.They have been serving great quality chicken for past 27 years across different markets.

3.Five Star Chicken is one of the most popular brands in Asia with presence in 9 countries having more than 7000 outlets.

4.With its presence in – Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh and India, Five Star Chicken is among the most rapidly growing brand in Asia.

Five Star Chicken is an Asian brand….talk about Thailand, China, Malaysia, Vietnam etc in interesting ways. They have hundreds of a Five Star outlets in these countries which consumers in these countries love. They adapt the product line to what consumers want and love.

5.Adapting to the local taste and flavor and developing products which appeals to masses has been one of the key strength of Five Star Chicken. People love them for this.

6.Five Star Chicken believes in providing

  1. Great taste
  2. Best Quality and
  3. Great Value

7.The company has its own state of the art infrastructure for storage and distribution and exercise complete control over the quality from “Farm to Food”.

8.Since Five Star Chicken operates own farms, storage and distribution freely, we are able to optimize the cost and pass on better value to our customer.

9.Five Star Chicken is known to offer fresh and larger chicken, which is 25% more than competitive brands.

10.Through a growing network of stores Five Star Chicken is becoming a strong neighborhood brand offering great quality chicken at convenience to customers of all strata of society. They are aiming to make great quality chicken at affordable prices to all consumers.

Now coming to the Indian Operations:

  1. Star Chicken launched its first outlet in Nov, 2012 in Bangalore.
  2. Currently we have 357+ Stores across Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerela, AP , Telegana Goa and West (Mumbai & Telangana)
  3. Rapidly growing to other cities in South India.

The Company has had its presence in India in the coastal region especially like Chennai, Vizag, Odisha where it is breeding shrimps.

Now a time for Groupfie!

All Bloggers

The man in the centre Mr Sanjeev Pant is the Business Head for India and the lady standing in the right corner – Ms Shaguftha is the Marketing Head for the brand. Also found in this pic were me, vijayalakshmi,kavitha and Ghun Jain on the right. Krishin, Asmita, Rajiv and Santhosh on the left.

The brand did not get great response for Kiosk set up in India. Hence they moved to small store format. The brand’s aim is to keep the operational cost to the minimum and mostly work on take away structure. The benefits are thus passed on to us. Take a look at their menu.

Five Star Menu

We were told that the brand also conducts Birthday Parties at home with prices that is 40-50% less compared to other brands. This is incredible, I must say. With a budget of Rs.2,500 as minimum one could hold a birthday party. How awesome is that?

The brand has now expanded to Vizag and Hyderabad and is also in Cochin. hey are concentrating mainly on South India. They are in the rapid expansion mode and we did discuss about lot of business viability and improvement options and were delighted to see that most of our ideas were accepted and the brand is looking forward to implement few of them, if not all in the near future.

We had lot of delicacies. The list is pretty much long 🙂

  1. Thai Crispy
  2. Crunchy Masala
  3. Chicken Peri Peri
  4. Chicken Popcorn
  5. Chicken hungry Bird Burger
  6. Chicken Nuggets
  7. Chicken Fingers
  8. Spicy Chicken Roll
  9. Mix Veg Roll
  10. Veg Burger
  11. Aaloo Paratha
  12. Chole Chatpata roll
  13. Peri Peri Fries
  14. Veg Fingers
  15. Chocolate Samosa
  16. Mexican Hot Dog
  17. Italian Hot Dog

I am going to highlight just few of them here 🙂

Chicken Popcorn

That’s Chicken Pop Corn for you and it is an instant hit among kids. I must openly admit that the taste is Divine.

Now, do take a look at this amazing item – Five Star Chocolate Samosa

Choco Samosa

Doesn’t it look yummy?

We also had the opportunity to taste Hot Dogs for the first time in Chennai because this has not been introduced yet.We tasted Mexican and Italian sausages and they were awesome.


That’s the Mexican Sausages for you.

Take a look at Italian one – the cheese oozes out from the centre making it real yummy.

Italian Sausage

We also had chicken Crispy Nuggets.

Chicken Nuggets

For those who think Five Star Chicken is a non-vegetarian brand, it is NOT. They are also into Vegetarian stuff and they have awesome Chole Bature and French Fries and also Veg Burgers.

The person behind this is Ms. Ruth who heads the R&D Department and the company also has chefs who has got industry experience of 5-15 years.


I would surely recommend this brand for its innovation, cleanliness and above all pricing!!

When you are in the outlet you should also taste their signature dishes – Nawabi Biriyani and Peri Peri Chicken (Peri Peri spices is originated in Portugal and Southern Africa marinated with Secret Spices and Masala)

The company has its world class processing facility in Chittoor and none of the meats were touched by hand. They have also tied up with portals like Swiggy,Zomato,Tiny Owl for home deliveries and their Pan India no for Free Home Delivery is 76769 77777. Are you dialling them ?


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