Jungle Book Memories

We all – as a kid would have seen some great cartoons which we would cherish for life. The characters and the genre you liked might be different but we all, without an exception would have loved one cartoon or the other. I liked “Jungle Book as a kid.


After getting introduced to Tarzan, I was always fascinated by the way human beings can get accustomed to wild animals, even if not in real but at least in stories. When I saw Jungle Book for the first time in television, I knew that this is India’s answer to Tarzan as it had my favourite character Mowgli who spoke in our language – Hindi.

What made this character appealing?

Unlike other characters, Mowgli was a guy and as a kid, he had that immediate appeal and connect to us because back then, I was a kid myself. I was thrilled by the way he use to carry himself in the forest without fearing for any one including that of wild animals since he got used to it.

Mowgli had also emphasized indirectly the need for Afforestation and also the need to show love and affection to the wild animals without interfering in their space which is the need of the hour. As we all have studied in books, these wild animals generally do not attack human beings unless provoked or some one tries to barge into their territory.

The character was lively and colourful and I did not find any flaw in the making of this cartoon and even if there was one, I wouldn’t have given proper attention to it. His witty nature and ability to think quick made Mowgli more appealing to me.

We use to sing the Jungle Book song as well in the school in unison – “Jungle jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai” and use to wait for the day to come because back then we did not have 24/7 cartoon channels. Even though I did not like all the wild animals, at least I stopped hating them after watching this cartoon and the major credit for this would be given to the character – Mowgli.

The creator had thought about this in great detail and gave Mowgli which I would say has almost become immortal as he will be remembered for life, just like I did…

As I am grown up now, I am still excited to see the movie version of it and also planning to take my 8 year old niece to this movie to give her that awesome experience of what I had felt few years back 🙂

Do take a look at this awesome  TVC:

I’m blogging about #MyMowgliMemory at BlogAdda.


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