Teach the Kids when they are kids

Kids are very smart these days. I am sure no one would deny this fact. Few years back, when I was a kid, I never use to ask so may questions to my parents. It may be because of fear or as a matter of fact, I was not clever enough to pose those questions to them.The scenario is completely different these days. The questions asked by kids,at times, cannot even be answered by PhD holders. Such is their brilliancy level.

We have seen sparrows as a kid in abundance but due to increase in afforestation and setting up concrete jungle, birds like these are almost a rarity to sight in most of the places. Birds like these are pretty much essential for maintaining the ecological balance. We now know this could be addressed. We can implement it via kids at home. To start with, we can ask the kids to keep a pot of water every day in the balcony and when this is been done as a habit on every day, it would start attracting birds. I have seen this myself in my house as what initially I thought was a failure turned out to be a success as it attracts not less than 100 birds a day including the likes of Pigeons, Mynahs, Koels and Ravens. We can also give the homes(Wooden Homes) which we get from the Blue Cross or other Societies which is in the process of conserving birds and ask the kids to monitor on a daily basis about the progress as it would be an interesting task for them as well.

There are few things this would do:

  1. Improve the concentration
  2. Increase the awareness of preserving wildlife and nature
  3. Healthy part time activity for kids evoking interest in conservation of nature
  4. Give them the pleasure of self accomplishment and also enable them to become more disciplined to name a few.

Secondly we can ask kids to become members of Wildlife and Nature Preservation Clubs and Societies which is situated in our locality. This would be a great idea because these clubs would organise meets and travel from time to time which is not only interesting but also informative.

Kids should be taught about the importance of conserving nature and this would include making them aware of the danger of using plastic and littering especially in forests. They should also be encouraged and informed about the importance of trees and also avoid using papers to the maximum extent as it is derived from trees which indirectly leads to afforestation.

My point over here is this – they are not ignorant like kids of yesteryears and if we could channel them in the right path, they are for sure able to grasp things much faster and lead us to glory.

I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for theShortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda


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