The Sialkot Saga – Fantasy with Reality

How will it sound if Jawaharlal Nehru,Morarji Desai, Indira Gandhi, Kamaraj, Rajiv Gandhi, A B Vajpayee, PV Narasimha Rao along with Steve Jobs, Rakesh Dalal, Brijmohanlal Bagadia and few other business personalities come together?

Have you ever read a story which had a mention of above personalities along with barrage of events like invention of email, twin tower attack, Gujarat riots, Mumbai Terror Attack, Parliament Attack, Harshad Mehta Scam, Fodder Scam, Bofors Scam and few other events of National and International Importance in a single story?

I am sure the ultimate answer Would be a big NO. If you ever wanted to savour the experience of all in one story/book, the answer is THE SIALKOT SAGA by Ashwin Sanghi.

Being regarded as the Master Storyteller, Ashwin Sanghi through this book has proved hat he certainly deserves the title. I am not going to talk about the whole story here because it would otherwise defeat the very purpose of writing this review because I feel readers has to buy the book in order to appreciate the hard work and efforts put down by the author in penning such a wonderful classic which comprised past history with the present events. To reveal the truth, I took few pages of notes since this is a 584 page story which took me almost 2.5 days to complete(since there was a Festival on 8/4/16) and when I started writing this review, I felt, I could hardly use only 10% of it.

What would be a testament to this story is, even if you hate History, once you read this book, you would start loving it. Do I need to say, it would be a perfect treat for readers who love History? I love History and this was just an icing on the cake for me. I wish to see this as a movie because if it is made as a movie, it would be a sure shot H-I-T as it has two major characters Manjit and Daljit.

You would get to hear about these names only after the first half of the book and predominantly in the end – Epilogue. Till then, the story revolves around Arvind and Arbaaz.

While Arvind had his base in Kolkata and raised by Brijmohanlal, Arbaaz on the other hand was raised by Adbul Dada in Mumbai. Arvind was a well educated maths wizard while Arbaaz became powerful and rich with hi muscle power. Though they get introduced in an occasion, as they lived in different cities with a different business interests, they did not come together.

Eventually after a while, when both started growing up and were constantly featured in Forbes India Richest list, they had business clashes. Arvind built up his empire initially by duping others and this had eventually made him get lot of enemies and when Arbaaz was fooled by his company in one of the transaction, he could not take it and he takes a revenge. Arvind retaliates and this goes till Arvind loses his Mother and one of his Twin Son.

What was irony was Arvind’s Son gets to meet Arbaaz’s daughter. they both fell in love and get married. This eventually made the two father’s even more angry but when they had decided to set apart their differences and come together, they both were shot dead.

The other important characters in this novel were Abilasha(Arvind’s Wife),Joydeep Chakraborty,Satyapal,Sarkar,Paromita(ex Lover of Aravind and Wife of Arbaaz),Dube,Maurali Iyer, Karthik and Adhyaika Jyoti( a saint woman)

Why did this happen?

How did this happen?

What they were after?

Did the secret of Manjit and Daljit got revealed?

Who is Adhyapika Jyoti and how is she connected to Arvind and Arbaaz?

The story offers some great twists and turns with unexpected casualties but what had transpired finally, is a perfect ending. I will not rate this novel with Stars unless required in eCommerce sites because I feel this story is simply above the ratings.

Read it and you would agree with me for sure….

You can buy this amazing book here:

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