Bloggers and Social Responsibility

Blog is a powerful tool. It makes you communicate to the world by conveying the message you intend to.A blog reflects your persona. When you have a fan following in other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter among many other, you would have invariably linked your blog with these so that when ever you post a message, it gets shared across all your other social media channels.

Hence one should exercise due care in writing a blog post. When it is about some general post, there isn’t much attention given to it but when you are posting about some other delicate issues like politics, religion, socio-economic causes, due care and diligence should be exercised. A blog post can reach even the remote areas which has a basic internet connection and we must remember one thing  that even though some of them are our personal opinion, it should not be hurting the sentiments of other.

I would say a blog is something similar to a newspaper and it is just that it is available online instead of offline,  on a hard copy. It can be used very effectively to bring out any social issues in detail because even though a picture can speak 1000 words, it may not be able to convey the intricate details and hence this can be conveyed very effectively through a blog.

In this ever growing commercial world, some blog posts are paid ones. When ever you are writing for a pay, do not forget to mention it on your blog because it will help you in maintaining your credibility to the outside world. Let’s use this powerful tool in an effective way and bring a change to this World….



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