Review – BABA Silver Leaves and Rose Myst

We all love sweets. Who would not want to taste it since we are born and brought up with various delicacies.

When you had sweets as a kid, you would have noticed some silver on top of that. Do you know where you can get it? If you aren’t aware, this is to inform you  that you can get it from the renowned BABA brand. Take a look at how it looks.


This product is neatly packed in an air tight sealed envelope and these silver sheets are placed between thin cardboards so that it will not stick with each other. So when you are removing it, removing it with great care since due to its delicate nature, it may split into pieces. I would suggest opening in a room which is closed with no air circulation is good since the sheet will remain intact and also in the shape you intend it to.

My sister made Dry Fruits Halwa and this was coated on the top. This is how the sweet looked.


Looks attractive isn’t it? You must surely try it 🙂

Now let us look into Rose Myst.

It comes in a small spray and it promises 150 sprays. This has to be applied on your eyes by spraying it direct. DO not worry. The quantity that comes out of it is very minimal(almost the size of a dew or even lesser) and it gives your eyes a soothing effect when applied. Take a look at the product:


I would suggest you to apply it before taking a nap in the noon or in the night before going to bed so that you would enjoy the real feel and the benefits out of it. Sine this is made of pure distilled water, it is completely safe for your eyes. Even I was sceptical to use it initially but now I have become a regular user. Try it once and you would not regret it 🙂


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