#UttarBhojan – Taste The North

We Indians love food. In fact we eat after relishing it most of the time. I must say we are also lucky in enjoying various cuisine in our country because each and every State has its own taste as well. However we tend to categorise it as North Indian and South Indian Food. May restaurants across Chennai have been serving North Indian Food – at least for the name sake. You wouldn’t be in a position to authenticate it unless you are a foodie or you have come from North or vice-versa.

The beginning of Uttar Bhojan was pretty much related to the above incidents. The Founder – Mr Krishnan K S had been brought up in North India though his roots are from Kerala,South India. When he started speaking, it was a stunner for us because he had a humble beginning with Rs.500 as his first salary even though by then he was receiving Rs.3000 from his father as pocket money. Things took a different turn in 6 months because his salary jumped from Rs.500 to Rs.3,500 in one shot. He then climbed up the Corporate ladder and had been in senior most position in many MNC’s including CISCO.

So when he decided to quit his high paying job to pursue his childhood dream, more than encouragement, he got discouraged.Driven by his better-half’s support who herself is an amazing cook and also being supported by his cook and other workers from U.P, he began the journey in August-September 2015 and within a short span, he has established 4 outlets – Kitchen/Dine-In and Take Away in Valasarawakkam, Aaram Restaurant in Valasarawakkam which is located just opposite to a public park,Besant Nagar (Just opposite to the beach) and also in Chetpet Lake(he has got his stall with many other biggies/established restaurants) and will be opening one in Ashok Nagar(near Ashok Pillar) shortly and is also planning to go overseas – to set up the outlets in Dubai,Germany, Africa and USA.

His mode of working is entirely different. He does not give the entire salary to his workers because he has already given them a place to stay and food is been taken care of and the other expenses incurred by them is nominal and hence he transfers 90% of their salary to their spouse’s account as they are staying in their native and will have more expenses like kids education and others and gives only 10% to the employees. Mr Krishnan counts his success on his employee’s backing because he is the investor and employees are the working people who attribute to his success.

Uttar Bhojan has got tie up with Zomato and hence you can order food if you are within 5 kms of the radius and get it delivered at your doorstep. You can also visit their website here

Due to their authentic taste, the company has got few hundreds of loyal customers who keep ordering from them over and over again and they also feel great pride in mentioning that they were the food sponsors for Celebrity Badminton League(CBL) and some 10+ Cine Playback Singers including National Award Winners like Naresh Iyer and others like Mirchi Suchi are their regular customers.

What was our take away from the Meet-Up?

There were actually a few.

Firstly, we all have tasted Samosa but when we were asked as to what is the proper/correct filling inside it, we were stumped. Then we were shown the filling

Samosa Masala

So a proper filling in Samosa includes Potato and Green Peas with some masala. This is the right one and not others like Onion or other vegetables. This in fact is their speciality dish which is been sold in hundreds every day. This is been served with 2 authentic chutneys – sweet and sour. On sour chutney, they use Corriander and Mint Leaves with powder of dried Mango.


That’s the dried mango. The final product looks like this:


What makes the brand #UttarBhojan more special?

It is their ethics. They do not compromise on quality for the sake of raking in more profits. The company has not crossed the break-even yet. Unlike other places, they do not use sunflower oil or other oils but use only the SVS Groundnut oil which is good for health and not sticky as well.


Even when it comes to water, they use only Holy Aqua Mineral water that is being served in Jet Airways.  Even the vegetables are sourced directly from CMBT and they get only the first grade potatoes.


What is even more appealing is the cleanliness of the kitchen. Take a look:



When it comes to packing, they use micro-waveble virgin plastic material which is safe for us rather than getting the fod poisoned.

High Grade Food Pack

What is even more appealing about the brand #UttarBhojan is their FSSAI Certification.


Parathas are their next speciality and they are being served with Tops mixed vegetable pickles and Dhahi.


This is how the pickle looks



We were served with various types of Parathas including Aloo, Paneer, Gobi along with other delicacies like the U.P State Special drink – Nimbu Shikaanji

Nimbu Shikaanji

We also had tasted the awesome sweets which included Gulab Jamun which was made with pure kova and Badhushah.


Gulab Jamun

We also had Bread Pakoda.

Bread Bajji

We then had heir awesome masala butter milk.

Masala ButterMilk

The pack shown above is for take-away 🙂

Finally we were given Masala Chai.

Masala Chai

The team behind #UttarBhojan is here:

Uttar Bhojan Team

Mr Krishana is second from the right (in grey shirt).

How did the food taste?

I must admit that the food was real yummy. The mixture of masala was so accurate that you would hardly find any flaw in its making. They are home made in hygienic condition and is made of Udhayam Ghee or SVS Groundnut oil.

If you taste it once, I am sure, you will keep asking for it over and over again. Do visit their stall and you get to “TASTE THE NORTH”

We concluded with a selfie 🙂



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