Travel easy on Train with RailYatri

We all prefer travelling in train for various reasons. One of the main reason is its connectivity to the interior parts of India and secondly it is economical when compared to other modes of transport like Bus and Flight. It is also convenient for long distance journey for those who cannot afford to shell out few thousands to travel by air much quicker. On the other hand, there are few limitations too.

We don’t get the tickets to all the destinations easily and for few routes, tickets needs to be booked well in advance or has to be booked only On-line. Secondly, we do not know as to which train travels to which city. Checking the train time table and pnr status(once you have booked) for your seat confirmation is another himalayan task.All these are now answered in one place. This is none other than RailYatri. This is one stop shop and is available on web and also as an app in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Let us quickly see the highlights of these.

This is how the home page looks like

RailYatri Home Page

As you can see, on the left hand side – there are lot of functions RailYatri offers. It includes some of the most widely used day to day activities like PNR Status, Book Meals on Train, Time Table and Arrival and DepaRture.

Let us look at PNR Status now.

RailYatri PNR

All you need to do is to enter your PNR number and the application throws the status of it. This is much easier for us and even more convenient when you have downloaded the app and you can check the pnr status.

As you could see, RailYatri has served more than 20 million users which is no mean task.

The next one is to book the Meal/Food on the train. All you need to do is to enter your PNR number yet again as it would show you the appropriate food options available in your train.

RailYatri Food

I have now explored the Arrival/Departure between Chennai Central to Bangalore City Junction in the next 8 hours and this is the information I have got in less than 5 seconds.

RailYatri Arrival Departure

Then I did checked another interesting feature. This is Time Table where you have to either enter the Train No or the Train Name. I checked for Shatabdi between Chennai and Bangalore and this is what I got.

RailYatri Timetable

Then I looked into another important and interesting feature. This is something which would come handy especially when you are reaching the station at the last moment and this is nothing but the Platform Locator. I checked for Chennai-Mysore Kaveri Express and tada…. I got the info instantly.

RailYatri Platform locator

My take away in using RailYatri

  1. Simple and Easy to use application with no confusion.
  2. Get the info in no time.
  3. Reliable and up to date.
  4. Information available 24/7 at your finger tips.
  5. No need to search in multiple pages/links for info since all are available in one place/page.

I am sure this would serve a Billion for sure within the next few months as I have not seen any other app which is so simple and user friendly….


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