Kanavu Pattarai – Review


This is one of the unique book of its kind. Unlike others which are fictional, the stories in this book is based on real life incidents – not 1 or 2 but a dozen of them. There is a disclaimer though – you need to read one story a day because it would be easy for you then to connect with the characters as you would have witnessed a similar character in your life. I also had the same thought – of following the guidelines but as soon as I started reading the book, I decided to finish it in one stretch, though it took 3 days for me to complete it as my reading got interrupted many times in between.

I also know it isn’t ethical to write the review in English for a Tamil Story book but since I am not trained in typing the Tamil Words, I am writing this review in English and would try to be as much precise as to what I wanted to convey in Tamil language.

The book has these stories in it:

  1. Naerkonda Paarvai
  2. Agazhvaari Thaangum Nilam Pola
  3. Ezhu Malai Exhu Kadal Thaandi
  4. Kalavu Marathhal
  5. Thottaa Sinungi
  6. Paatum Koothum
  7. Kokki Kumar
  8. Pillai Cherukku
  9. Moondru Vellai Sooru
  10. Vidya Sethu Pogalam
  11. Agni Kunjonrru Kandaen
  12. Kasimedu Meen Kunju

The language and style used in the book is really awesome. Simplified wordings were used. The writing style is unique and the Author – Mathi was successful in conveying the message he wanted to. The book revolves around lot of characters which Shankar and Bhagya meets in a place called Kanavu Pattarai and Dakshin Chitra where they were given the task to conduct various programs for the underprivileged kids and kids who were stuck with different situations in their life.

One story talks about the inferiority complex but another story talks just about the opposite – superiority complex and how Shankar and Bhagya tackled them was explained well in this book. Another story talks about the goodness of being calm and composed.

In one of the story, I could connect myself with the lead character since I was also one of the many who use to write never ending stories as a kid without understanding the fact that it may not be appreciated by all. The book also reveals few important basics of life which includes only when a person is put to acid test, your actual talent would be revealed.

There was one another story in which Shankar keeps a tag name to a student and he reciprocates. This is something which we all would have faced as a kid/student.In one of the story, the story line was “Vidhya Sethu Pogalam” which would make anyone wonder as to why such a story title but only when I read it in full, I understood that the author actually spoke about the demise of so called “Vidhyalayas” which imposes untold hardships to the students.

To end this, I must say this is a great attempt and needs to be appreciated because in this commercial world, a noble attempt like this should be supported in full as this can bring in a great change in the lives of many, when implemented in relevant field/areas.

My best wishes to the author and looking forward for more such releases…..



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