My Review – Arab Street Restaurant

We all love food. We go searching for multi-cuisine restaurant so that we get to taste food from various parts of the world. When I was invited for a food blogger meet to Arab Street, I knew that I am going to taste something really good.

We got introduced to Mr.Hameed who owns the restaurant and setting up of this place is really an inspiring one since Mr. Hameed has been living in Singapore for few years now and is the owner of renowned “Suvai Masala” over there which has got the award from the Food Ministry of Singapore. He had been to various parts of the world and has tasted different cuisine and found that Chennai, his home town lacked authentic Arabic food. Hence he had been to Middle East to specifically get to know the taste and ingredients and had hired cook from Lebanon who has 30+ years of experience in cooking.



So those were couple of mandatory selfies to start with.

We were served with watermelon juice as the welcome drink.

WaterMelon Juice

After the welcome drink, we got to taste the mind blowing Cream of Mushroom Soup. When I say “mind blowing”, I really mean it as you need to taste it yourself to agree to my point.

CreamOfMushroom Soup

The interiors were classic and designed as per Arabic Theme including the music that was played which belonged to Arabic. The event which began at 7:30PM came to an end only at 9:30PM and in the mean time, we got to taste so many dishes including Prawns, kebabs, sausages, Pizzas and Chicken which you can see below:

Prawns and Sheeks


As you can see above, even the forks are so intricately designed and I got to learn that the entire interior was designed and conceptualised by Mr.Hameed himself.

Finally we got to taste the best of all – Mutton Biriyani. Never in my life, I had tasted mutton which is so tender and delicate. It just melted in my mouth giving me an ever awesome and delightful memory which for sure, I would tell/share the news with all my friends because to me, an item like this should never be missed in one’s life time.

Mutton Biriyani

Doesn’t it look tempting? It tastes even more than this amazing looks.

My takeaway and Rating for this restaurant:

  1. 5/5 which I rated in Zomato and FoodeeBuddee.
  2. Neatly maintained and great ambience
  3. Good quality and tasty food.
  4. Friendly suppliers/waiters.
  5. Nominal Pricing – you need not have to burn your wallet for such an awesome food.

All I can say is, if you need to taste authentic Arabic Food, this is the most preferred and best restaurant in Chennai you could go without giving a second thought. I can safely say the tagline #GulfInChennai is pretty apt to this.

If you are a foodie and looking for a change, this is the place you need to go on your next visit. Arab Street is located in 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar – just before Samiyar Mattam – enroute from Power House to Ashok Nagar.


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