Review – The Unconquerable Heart – God’s Fist


I do not now where to start because the story which is an erotic fiction has got so much in it that initially I thought was a boredom and trying to take me to a non destined place but eventually it wasn’t the case.

It all begins with Munna who wins a bout in boxing with Mikhail but was suspended by BCW saying that he hit Mikhail after the bell was rung. In reality, it wasn’t the case as it was an orchestrated one by a pugilist and boxing billionaire Tretan Bliecher who wanted to suppress Ethan Chapman, the trainer of Munna.

There was a long story behind it. Ethan’s mother who happened to be the mistress of Tretan’s father gets abused by him physically and when Ethan tried to resist it, he was beaten. Tretan was a psycho and he had this habit of abusing all genders including transgenders. In one such instance he abuses Sylvia too.

Sylvia happened to be none other than the girl friend of Munna. Their meeting happened in Kolkata. Sylvia gets abused in public by a local goon Ganguram whose men beats up Munna when he tried to stop the barbaric act in full view of public. By then Munna wasn’t a boxer or a fighter but he later gets trained and becomes one. When he learnt the art, he goes and avenges the shame over Ganguram by killing him.

Now coming to the main role, Munna himself. Munna was born to a Colombian mother and an unknown Indian Father in Kolkata during one stormy day. This is when his brother Carlos aka Kaalika escaped from Colombia and came to Kolkata,India.The person who took care of Kaalika was a psychopath himself and his mother who had earlier escaped to Kolkata seeks the help of the same person who has helped her escape. The same night he wanted to have an intercourse with Kaalika’s mother who was carrying Munna and as a result of physical abuse, she dies but before losing her life, she ensured she gave birth to the special child Munna….

Things take a turn when both Munna and Kaalika gets abducted but they fall in the safe hands of Eunuchs and the head of them Durga Didi raises them both till at one point, they were forced to part the group. Munna is now been looked after by Kaalika who becomes Carlos Daniel in the USA and Hazeema, another important character in the story becomes Hazeem. This might be confusing for few readers but its just that gender change happens between these characters though by birth they were Men and Women respectively.

Sylvia gets the help of her friend Miranda who in turn gets Hollie Dresland to help Kaalika come out of the initial allegation unscathed and the BCW was forced to reinstate Munna to fight Duke Hyde, who was fielded by Tretan to take on Munna.

How Munna avenges the grudge of Ethan Chapman over Tretan was the story line and it was executed in great perfection by the authors – Shivish – Yes. It is scripted by brothers – Shiva Thejus and Sri Vishnu Tanay.

The story has lot of adult content with murders and abuse and I would not recommend it for the minors to read it but this is a great attempt to cover the lives of Eunuchs and also talked in depth about the same gender marriage and LGBT rights which certainly needs appreciation 🙂

I would like to end this blog post with a small tribute:


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