#LifeAtRamco – Thrive Digitally

#LifeAtRamco is one of the extra ordinary event that I have attended in the recent times. There were many factors that would vouch this.

The event was scheduled on – 29/4/16 at their Head Quarters in Taramani and we were asked to report there by 5:30PM. As usual, I was early. Sorav Jain – Thinker in Chief of echoVME arrived almost at the same time. He was kind enough to get me my tag.


We were invited to get into their cafeteria. I would say this place is much more than that as I would take you for a virtual journey through my blog post .

We were welcomed by this – a digital flower pot.


I had a chance to speak with Mr.Gowtam Kumar who has joined recently and guess what? He did his UG from NIT,Warangal and PG from IIM-Indore and was surprised to hear that 20 odd candidates were hired for Management role. I would say this is really good for any especially for Ramco which was set up and known across India having its business interests in education,spinning and textiles, cements and systems to name a few.

Some of the anecdotes or interesting facts I got to hear during my conversation was:

  1. Marshall – one of the products of Ramco was released by Mr.Bill Gates when he was the CEO of MicroSoft and he has never released any other company’s products later.
  2. Ramco is No.2 in the world when it comes to Aviation Software Business.
  3. Ramco System’s Software is being used by the Industry Leader – GE.
  4. Ramco has its office across the globe.
  5. The transformation in Ramco took place which had enabled the employees to see a different work enviroment altogether.

This is what we saw in the entrance of the cafeteria which could house around 600 members at a time. The place is called TGIM which stands for “Thank God.It’s Monday” which means employees do look forward to come to work irrespective of being a working day or a holiday.


Vending Machine

That’s the innovative vending machine where you can select what ever you want and remember, these were no junk food and it encourages one to get the snack he or she wanted.

I was also told that for breakfast, the company pays 60% of the cost and for lunch it bears 50% of the cost and the rest is borne by the employee for which he/she need not have to shell out money or change every day but is all done through the swipe of their employee id.

The facilities inside the office was just awesome. There is no separate cubicle for any employee including the CEO and no designated desks as well.


Spotted an in-house ATM which means the employee need not have to go out looking for one to withdraw money.

I forgot to tell  you this – we were given Wi-Fi passwords and man, it was so damn fast and thankfully because of the speed, I was able to upload few short videos as well which you can see on my FB page. 🙂

We then went to another recreation area which housed Barista machine. I was surprised to hear that the CEO himself comes there and makes his own coffee.


The team from Spoonbill handles this part.


This area also housed some music instruments and if any one wanted to try it, they were more than welcome to do so.


Do we need to say that we tried our hands on drums?


 Then it was time to see another place which housed Gym and Zumba trainers.



Gym and Zumba

The Zumba trainer was from the dance school of Sundaram Master who is the father of Raju Sundaram and Prabhu Deva. This is amazing isn’t it?

This place also housed a TT board.


Finally, we ventured into the HR Department.


I became Captain Jack Sparrow for a while.

Later on, I had also become an Angel.

With Wings

Some interesting stuff what I found around:



My heartfelt thanks to Sorav Jain once again for giving me this great opportunity to witness the work culture at Ramco, which I would say is Uber-Cool.


I am sure who ever joins or is employed with Ramco will have a great and encouraging work culture which would go beyond horizons…. A great initiative by DInfluencer

Get connected to Ramco Systems on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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