My Review – You Raise Me Up


Author: Arjun Hemmady

ISBN: 978-93-5201-388-3

Editor: Cora Bhatia

Cover: Mishta Roy

Layout: Chandravadan R. Shiroorkar

The story begins with Aalok Sharma meeting a pretty co-passenger Priyanka on an air-plane. Destiny made them to meet frequently and make them become close to each other. Priyanka was successful in making Aalok shave his 3 year old beard and in one instance she picks up a fight with a guy who tried to mess with Aalok which made Aalok to join the gym as well to build his physic. Aalok had a twin sister Isha who was married to Sheetal. Isha was always there when Aalok needed her the most.

When the relationship with Aalok and Priyanka was about to go to the next level, Aalok retreats saying that he could not take it further. Not much was known about anyone till then and when he thinks back about his past, there were lot of things that had happened in his life. The most important one being the meeting of Tanvi.

Tanvi came from Bangalore to Mumbai few years back to join Articleship. Aalok who was then wanting to join Catering and Hotel Management curse retracts and joins PCC so that he could spend more time with her. Initially Tanvi insults Aalok for being careless and not having any goals in his lie but later she becomes close to him after knowing about his character and qualities. Eventually they both clear their CA exams and joins auditing firms and gets married to.

Tanvi’s father was alcoholic which had a lasting effect on her. After marriage Aalok could not spend much time with Tanvi and Tanvi takes to drinking habit which was not appreciated by Aalok. At one stage Tanvi wanted to split from Aalok and relocates to Bangalore to join her dream firm.

Only during this stage, Aalok meet Priyanka. Isha suggests Aalok to tell Priyanka the truth when Aalok goes to Bangalore to meet Vinay(Tanvi’s Brother) who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. When Aalok tells about his past, Priyanka felt that she was being cheated by him and wanted to end the relationship. It is over here Isha interferes to set things right.

So did Aalok married Priyanka?

What had happened to Tanvi?

Read this beautiful romantic novel to find out more and I would say being the very first attempt, Arjun had done a splendid job in taking the story with right sequence without making you feel bored at any instance.

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The book is available on Flipkart, Amazon and also on Snapdeal


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