Book Launch and Review – “A sip of Love & A sip of Coffee” by Ganga Bharani

A Sip Of Coffee

Author : Ganga Bharani

Publisher : StoryMirror

Cover Design : Team StoryMirror

ISBN : 978-81-932376-2-5

Published : 2016

This is the fourth book by the author. The other three books being – Just You,Me & a Secret(Romantic Thriller), A Minute To Death(Crime Thriller) and 60 Writing Plots & Prompts(Non-Fiction).

The book was unveiled  on 1/5/2016 being the May Day which had also happened to be the wedding day of the author’s parents. The event took place at AVM Preview Theatre in AVM Studios,Vadapalani,Chennai from 11:15AM to 1:30PM.

Unlike the usual scene, this place had a different story to offer. Yes. Most of the author’s immediate family members were present. Along with them were us – friends of the author and few other bloggers. It was a real happy moment for the author to describe about how she had become one as it started when she was a young girl by competing with her father in writing stories and she had went on to give credits to her close friend Deepti who is one of the reason for her to be the author. Ganga Bharani also quoted her husband and her in-laws as they were also one of the main reasons for her success.

The program was host by another author cum good friend of us Ms. Kavipriya Moorthy who had done a great job in executing it without any script or preparation.

She went on to talk about her 3AM friend Mr Prashanth G Sekar whose movie will be hitting the big screen by July 2016.

Oops… I forgot to mention about the Guests of Honor who were none other than Mr. Nandakumar – Movie Director, Mr.Balaji Mohan – Movie Director(Maari fame) and Mr. Devendra Jaiswal – Publisher.

We got to know the reasons behind penning the book from the author herself and the book was released.

Book Launch

The Chief Guests needs no introduction and they spoke really well. Director Balaji Mohan was open enough to admit that he never had the habit of reading books but would try to read from now on. He kindly agreed to be clicked with few others who have gathered there for a selfie.

Finally, it was a signing session. Ganga Bharani signed the copies for all who bought the books.

Ganga Signing

Do I need to say that I got a signed copy for me as well?

We also had a chance to interact with the publisher who is planning to introduce 100 authors in various Indian Languages including Gujarati, Odiya,Marathi and Tamil. I am looking forward to be in that league as I am aspiring to become a writer myself 🙂

Now let us divert our focus to the main subject – “A sip of Love & A sip of Coffee”

I may not necessarily call it as a review for the fact that the story is more or less experienced by most of us in our childhood just like the two lead characters – Avantika and Gautham experiences.

They are surrounded by other characters like Srini, Mallika, Ajitha, Smruthi, Prabha to name a few but let us focus on the lead characters.

The book had a different style of narration because before the closure of a chapter, the author herself discusses with the characters to take the story further which I felt is unique.

The language is simple and I bet you could read the 151 pages in 2 hours flat if you sit at a stretch.

As mentioned earlier, this is something majority of us would have experienced as a kid and in the school where a mere infatuation or an attraction was considered as LOVE and some of us would have even taken it to the stage of Marriage. Though I am not against it, how far the so called LOVE that blossoms when we were kids goes further because not all turns out to be successful which was clearly mentioned in this story.

Author has given attention to minute details and covered the experiences faced by the two teenage kids so naturally. I myself could relate an incident from my life to this. The experience in my case is little bit different since a girl proposed to me when I was in 5th Standard. I did not agree to it and went ahead to inform my friends which spread like wild fire and she chased me for revealing the secret proposal. Who would be mature enough as a kid especially when we were not introduced to any technology back then…. She left the school for a different one and joined my school again as a year junior to me when I was in 11th Standard which is a different story. The moment when we both met again after a gap of 5 years – I cannot explain that in words. I hope you can get where I am coming from…. Something very similar to this had been in this story as well. It made me re-kindle my past.

I can say this is what “Autograph” by Director Cheran for the big screen to the Literature by Ganga Bharani. Good luck to the author.

If you ask me to rate the book, I can surely give 5/5 because this book has my story imbibed in it and I won’t do any justification by rating it low 🙂


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