Review: The Last Time – by Ankita


The last time is a short story written by Ankita which was published in P.O.Box No.143

This is a simple love story where Aarush and Anushka, the lead characters break up due to some misunderstanding between them. Though they were separated for 3 years, Aarush could not think of getting married to some one else. However he gets the engagement invite of Anushka with Alok.

Swati who is a good friend of Aarush tries to cheer him up and convinced him to attend the ceremony. Aarush with great reluctance agrees to it. When he reaches the venue, he see that all starting from decoration to the bride’s dress has been done as per his liking. He was confused. He starts drinking knowing the fact that Anushka did not like it.

Anushka comes and speaks to him and takes a decision and announcing it in the stage which took everyone by surprise. What was it?

Read the book to find more about it.

My take on this book:

A simple story written in a different style. We might have come across a similar story earlier but this story presents a different approach to it. Good attempt!!

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