Review – The Hired Gun,a novella by Bob Mackenzie


Title – The Hired Gun – a novella

Author – Bob Mackenzie

Publisher – Dark Matter Press, Kingston-Canada

Year of Publication – 2016

Illustrator – Mike St.Pierre

ISBN – 978-0-9916858-7-5 (PAPERBACK)

The story begins in a small town of Elizabeth in the Province of Alberta in Canada where a group of kids namely Alex,Dickie,Linda,Sam and the Anonymous(You can presume this as the lead character or the author himself) have been having a good time spending in Chinaman’s or the Crown hotel by eating chips, drinking coke and listening to Juke Box – yeah, you heard it right an its been ages that we got to hear about this.

During one such outing, the kids spot a stranger who was also sporting a gun. Unfortunately no one else apart from the kids had taken a note of it. As they suspected him to be a hired gun as he kept practising his aim and shots in a deserted place. The kids kept stalking the stranger till one day they heard a familiar voice from behind which made them frightened and when they tried to escape, Dickie gets caught and killed. While they started doubting the stranger even more after this incident, they decided to split up with one group deciding to keep an eye on the stranger and the other group to look for hints elsewhere.

In the mean while, they tried to catch up with Tom to tell about the stranger who did not believe the kids, initially. On the other hand, the co-op store in the town was in the news with funds and merchandise being missing from its inventory and everyone starts doubting Mr.Pauline who was the cashier and store in-charge. There was Mr. Dutka as well who was looking over the operations of the store but he was hardly visible to the public.

Now things take a turn when this stranger also gets killed and only by then the real identity of the serial killer was revealed. To find out more as to who the killer was, buy the book and find out. The book is available on Amazon

This book kind of reminded me of reading Hardy Boys and my rating for the book would be a cool 4.5 out of 5!


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