Square Feet Subbu – Season 2

Chennai – one of the four Metropolitan Cities which has got a long history and bears the tagline ” Vandhaarai Vazha Vaikkum Chennai (Who ever comes to Chennai, survives – as it accommodates all)”

By the way, as a typical Chennaite, I am proud of lot of things. We are referred as “Madarasis” in the North and ironically, who ever comes from South India bears the same tag which shows the power and reach of Chennai. We boast World’s Second Longest Coastline and we also are the home to lot of big corporates which is into manufacturing and IT. People over here are friendly and the city is rated one of the safest cities in the country.Our Transport connectivity is real good which means any one can travel from any place at any time at an affordable cost(Thanks to Cab Aggregators who has made our commute more pleasant).

There are lot of reasons why a project completion could be delayed since the builders give a long list of reasons for these delays, in the end the burden is borne by buyers which isn’t fair. Take a look at an excellent educational video being done by DRA_HOMES before proceeding further.

This video puts forth lots of points in an ironical way. While most of them makes sense, there is something which we should not fail to notice. Investment keeps happening across. If we do not invest now, we may regret later because any given point, investing in land or property is a wise decision as it helps us weather fluctuations and depreciation since investment on land/property always leads to appreciation.

The tagline of DRA Homes is “Experience Nice” which is pretty intriguing since they are living up to their tagline by various means. They are taking a different approach from the others having done videos based on Real Estate to educate the masses.

They have also introduced an innovative approach to tap on the entire journey of their customers during purchase cycle, from pre – sales (enquiries and site visits) to post-sales
(bookings to registration to handover). This has placed the company at an impressive 87% Customer Delight. The company’s feedback system across touch point helps them to not just evaluate customer satisfaction levels but also the engagement levels at every stage.

DRA Homes has lot of ongoing projects which includes IRIS -Indira Nagar,Bangalore ; Stelo – Dharwad ; North Star – Yelahanka,Bangalore and Pristine Pavilion II – adj to Mahindra City,Chennai

They also have upcoming projects namely Pristine Pavilion II – adj to Mahindra City,Chennai ; Alta – Bannerghatta Road,Bangalore and Premium Residential Project in Velachery,Chennai

Time to come back to Square Foot Subbu.

Venkatesh Harinathan , an actor has doned the dual role as Square Feet Subbu and his twin brother Cubic Feet Kuppu. This was an attempt to bring out the reality in a funny way and it was “well received” explains Ranjeeth Rathod – Managing Director,DRA Homes. The attempt to make jargons simplified has worked out well which has made he brand to release the Season 2 video.

Rajesh, AGM – Marketing, “Square Feet Subbu is DRA’s mascot for category evangelization. The format of our shows is to spice up a serious topic with a dash of levity.  In Season 2, the themes we’ve explored include: Has the Chennai floods affected buyer sentiment? What could owners have done to protect their homes during the floods? Why are Chennaiites not as ready to buy homes in high rises? Which is the most happening location to buy an apartment now in Chennai? All these questions have been deftly handled in an engaging and entertaining way in less than 3 minutes. We are sure serious home buyers would genuinely benefit by viewing these videos. For others, there’s always the pleasure of timepass.”

The comparison of Ranbir dating Katrina and after hitting a rough patch on her seeking Ileana(not in real) was the highlight. Let us also have the same mindset. Just because we saw or experienced something bad, it will not be happening over and over again.

Catch more on this and get to know the reality without any misconceptions at SquareFeetSubbu


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