Spice it up with On1y

On1y – the name is as unique as its taste.

Note the name once again carefully. You will find a 1 instead of L there. That’s On1y for you. If you think where do you get this in Chennai, be informed that it is available in all major departmental stores and also available online on Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon and in Bigbasket.


The much awaited event happened today (13/5/16) in Rain Tree, Anna Salai where select food bloggers were invited.

Twist 1]

Suneil Chawla, co-founder of SocialBeat welcomed us and once we all have gathered, we were given a group welcome by him.

Suneil Chawla

After his speech, the stage was taken over by the On1y team. We were given a short powerpoint presentation and was amazed to know that the company was set up in 2013 in Bangalore though the parent company Jayanti was established in 1940.

The products are sourced from various parts across the globe and e were really stunned to hear that there are 21 products in the pipeline with 6 more is getting ready to be launched this year.

The products are:

Chilli Flakes – Farmed in India

Sage – Farmed in Turkey

Black Pepper – Farmed in Malabar

Sea Salt – Imported from Belgium

Rosemary – Farmed in Morocco

Parsley – Farmed in UK

Italian Seasoning

Soup Seasoning

Thyme – Farmed in Morocco

Mixed Herbs – Farmed in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco

Tropical Heat

Fruit Seasoning

Oregano – Farmed in Turkey

Basil – Farmed in Egypt

Pink Salt – Sourced from mines closer to The Himalayas

Salad Seasoning

Black Salt – Sourced from India

Roasted Garlic and Pink Salt

All purpose seasoning

Meat Supreme

There were few salads kept for us to experience some of the above mentioned spices.


That’s corn salad shown above

Potato and Peas was also on display

Potato Salad

There was chicken too

Chicken Salad

I tried All Purpose Seasoning and it was too good as it testifies its name by making it suitable for all kind of food.

I then tried Roasted Garlic and Pink Salt. This is unique since it gave me a tangy taste and it was above comparison. I am now very much eager in tasting all the other spices since I am sure that all the other varieties would also be tasty and unique in its own aspect.

The containers were attractively packed and it wouldn’t burn your wallet which is a real good news.

All Purpose Seasoning

That’s the one with inbuilt grinder on the top.

This is how it looks on the top.

Grinder - Top View

There is another kind of packaging. Take a look below:

Chilli Flakes

For this, the outlet is on the top.


That’s the entire range of line-up on display.

Masala Lineup

It was a real awesome meet and it made us take home lot of spicy memories. Needless to say, we bloggers have become a fan of On1y



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