PLONK – An App that helps you to park

Its a tech world which has made the world shrunk to the size of a palm. Thanks to gadgets and technology that assists it, made it possible. We get to see lot of applications which is also known as Apps being released day in and day out.


The question is – are these apps helpful to us?


Fact is – the app store is overcrowded. You would find loads of apps for a similar category making it difficult for us to choose. While we have an app for anything and everything, have you ever considered about seeing an app for Parking?


The answer would be NO


Here comes our app – PLONK which solves the parking woes we face on day to day basis unless the company in which we work has its own dedicated slots. The app is available on iOS and Google Play store.


This comes as a blessing since we find it difficult almost every day to find the parking slots in the ever increasing traffic in our country due to phenomenal rise in 2 and 4 wheelers. Not all would want to take the Public Transport to their office, school or to any other places due to various reasons even though we are seeing a surge in car pooling these days(which still needs to be parked in some place unless there is a dedicated parking space allotted to it in the office).




Since most of the places are connected with State and Central Govt planning to bring in Wi-Fi in public places, one would get to know accurate information with regards to parking lots. PLONK can be used not only by those who are seeking the parking slots but also by those who would want to let out their space for parking slots. This is a Win-Win situation for both the parties concerned.


The app is smooth as a breeze and pretty much self explanatory. Even a beginner can start using it as soon as this has been installed on their smart app. Lot of users have already started using the app and have given good reviews about it which stands a testimony to the fact that PLONK is reliable.



How the PLONK works?



Let us take to find out how the app works:








The initial screen gives you an idea as to what this app is all about. You can even choose to skip these introductory screens.


Now comes the app log-in page where you can log-in either with your google id or using your facebook credentials. Simple isn’t it?




If you are logging in with facebook credentials, you would have to authorize it. If you have more than one FB account, ensure that you are in the right account to authorize the app.




Then you need to enter your mobile number. This would make this app more reliable since only genuine numbers are allowed by the app to be used.




To effect this, an OTP would be sent to the mobile number.





Once you have entered the 4 digit OTP, you are ready to go.




Do ensure you have switched on the GPS so that your present location would be tracked and the screen shows your locality accurately.


On the bottom, you can see the rates ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.100 for the parking lots. On the top left hand corner, you would find a pop down list. This would show your Parking History, Parking Lots and also your Favourites.

The owners of the parking lot can list the vacant space that is available for parking. For users, they can view the slots being listed by the owners.This also allows the user to view the parking spaces listed by the local Government bodies.




On your “My Parking Lots” section, you would see Pending, Rejected and Approved ones for the request you have raised for parking your vehicle.




For parking access, all that one needs to do is to tap/click the icon on the map and scan a QR Code. That’s it.

What are the advantages of the Plonk App?


It gives us a heads up with regards to which parking slot is available in the locality we are planning to visit so that one need not have to go searching for a parking slot.


The convenience of using the app anytime, anywhere through the smart phone.


Saves time and money.


The app is FREE.


User Interface is friendly as there are no complex algorithm involved.


The app doesn’t occupy much of your phone RAM or ROM making it light. In other words, the app is easy to install and use.


If there are no parking slots at all, the user may decided to take an alternative mode of transport.


There isn’t any limitations to this app as such. Though this is in BETA stage, once the app is fully developed and integrated, would prove to be a real effective tool.


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