How did #DigitalIndia helped me?


An Initiative which is being driven by the Central Government to bridge the gaps and bring down the loopholes in various departments there by giving enormous power in the hands of the Public. A common man makes India and he would continue to make since we are the largest democracy in the World.

Digital India has saved tons of time, money and natural resources. You read it right. Natural Resources.

You may ask how?

The answer is simple. It has avoided the requisite of paper work in various departments giving the details in digital format to the public.

Income Tax Returns filing:

e-filing your tax returns now can never go missing or lost in transit. Since it is done at the click of the mouse, the information is transferred real fast through secured connection. You might have witnessed a considerable reduction in processing your IT refund when compared to few years to the present. Those were the days where one has to file the returns and send the details to the I.T. department and wait for a year or two to get the refund processed. It isn’t the case now. You e-file your returns and expect the refund within few months, in the same year. This is further poised to fall down as the I.T department were asked to process the refund by August for any Assessment Year.

Needless to say I am one of the beneficiary since I get my I.T. refund much quicker. There is no paper work involved in this except sending the ITR-V to the I.T-CPC Department in Bangalore.

Government Subsidy on LPG:

Government has been giving subsidy to the LPG connection ever since I have known. This has become far more effective after the implementation of the “Direct Transfer of Subsidy“. All one needs to do is to submit their Bank Account details and this is done. A recent article by Times of India shows Government has saved around Rs.21,000 Crores in 2 years. This is no mean achievement.

Digitization of Post Office:

Post Office plays a vital role in digitization as it is the only department which gives the so called “last mile connectivity” as it reaches out to remotest areas. By digitizing it enabling Money Order and other banking transactions to be carried out easily including payment of utility bills and removing the service of age old Telegram, this program has gained confidence by displaying its speed and efficiency. By having a tie-up with eCommerce companies, their service has become invincible as it takes care of delivery of house hold goods as well.I am one of the beneficiary of this 🙂

Passport Services:

Digitization has made passport services much faster and reliable. Few years back, when my dad had gone to help my sister in applying for the passport, they need to literally be there at the Shastri Bhavan at 5AM to be first in the queue. My passport expired and I could not renew it then due to various reasons. When I wanted to re-apply in 2016 for me and my better half, all I need to do is to make use of the Digital Services where in it has enabled me to raise the appointment over the internet and I was assigned a specific time for my interview. Guess what? It was a cake walk for me as the entire process was completed in the span of 4 hours. I was really impressed and amazed by the service.

Encumbrance Certificate:

Encumbrance Certificate or EC is the one which is time consuming and also uses up lot of paper. It was bi expensive too those days. With digitization, this has become real easy. I could take an EC by just sitting at home. I need not have to go to the office wasting my time and petrol. All I need to do is to login to the website and retrieve the details in a span of few seconds. As a Citizen, what more can I ask for?

The website I use to download the EC is

This site may vary from State to State.

Voter’s ID:

Last but not the least, I am thoroughly impressed with the Election Commission Website.The basic right of a citizen of a democratic country is the “Right to Vote” and unfortunately I could not vote for 15 years. The last time we voted was in the 2001 assembly elections in TamilNadu and in 2004, we shifted to Bangalore and as we were new to the place, we could not get our details enrolled there. We came back to Chennai in 2011 and since it was already election season, we could not enrol again as our details in the older constituency got deleted. We were also not sure as to how to go about enrolling our details offline.

Now comes the highlight. I decided get myself and my family enrolled for voting this time. Now that I knew that it can be done online, all I need to do is to visit the site.

The site was pretty much self explanatory and anyone with basic computer knowledge can do this online. I slowly started entering my details for me, dad, mom and my better half. It took close to 2 hours as I did not wanted to make any mistake. We did not hear anything back from the Election Commission. We were bit worried and disappointed but when my dad went to check the details yesterday (16/5/16) in the morning, to his surprise, he found that all our names were included. We immediately went to the polling station and cast our vote. We did our democratic duty. All this was possible due to the #DigitalIndia initiative.I also got this from TN Election Department which made me happy.


After the elections got over, in few days, we got our Voter ID dispatched at our home. How easy is that?


When there was a conversation on FB with regards to issue in voting, this came up.


The above is the proof for the success of #DigitalIndia campaign.

Adding to this, I had an opportunity to attend a Global Launch of a product which would complement this amazing initiative very much. Kindly take a look here ->

This is not it…There are many. The other day, when I got to see this, I was pleasantly surprised. Digital India makes our work easier. It is Safe and most importantly, it makes every penny accountable making our economy march towards robust growth.


I am really glad to be the Champion of #DigitalIndia initiative and my only aim is to meet the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modiji to give him direct inputs as to how this can be made even more effective and successful and I am ready to Champion the cause 🙂

Long Live India!!

#DigitalIndia has arrived 🙂


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