Review – Honour for a Ransom


Title – Honour for a Ransom

Author – Rajnish Gambhir

Publisher – Frog Books,An imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

ISBN – 978-93-52013-92-0

I really do not know where to start with. This book is surly one of its kind. I would categorize this under Psychological Poetic Fiction.

Yes. This book will treat you with a great story in the form of a novel coupled with Poem which can be compared to Alexander Pushkin(though the Great Russian Author was the first to bring a novel entirely in the form of verse/poem).

Honestly speaking, the book has got lot of characters and they were referred in different pseudo names in different parts of the book/story and hence I am not going to bring out all the names/pseudo names to confuse you but I can safely bet that once you start reading this awesome book, you will not be confused with these names/characters.

What is unique about this novel?

This is a story which mainly revolves around a Father and a Son but also has other characters like Daughter-in-Law, Lover, Grand Kid, Wife, Friend and so on. I have not read a book which had 3 flash backs – one that of Grand Father, one that of Father(Son) and one that of a Grand Kid(Son’s Daughter) and the author has meticulously penned down all in great detail knitting it to 100% perfection.

You would find the usage of vernacular language(Hindi and Punjabi) in few places but fret not, you can always refer it for the actual meaning which was given in the beginning – Glossary 🙂

The story begins with Kartar killing his own daughter Simran and her husband Sher Singh. His intention was not to kill his daughter but her husband as he was from a lower caste but Simran comes in between in order to protect her husband and she gets killed.

Why did Kartar do this?

He was influenced by his Politician/Businessman Father – Dilawar who always had a upper hand in deciding about his life – be it with Studies or parting away with his overseas lover – Sarah Tracy.

Dilawar was influenced by his friend Avdesh whom he believed more than any one. Even though he was warned by his then lover , he did not pay much attention to it since he was saved from a python by Avdesh. Avdesh had a different plan. He was eyeing Dilawar’s lover and hatched a plan by sending Dilawar to Jalian Wala Bagh after knowing the intentions of General Dyer. Dilawar escapes from the shooting spree which saw the massacre of hundreds of innocent public and when he came back, learnt that Avdesh has brutally raped and murdered his lover.

Now coming to Kartar Singh. He is the hero of the story and what he goes through in various parts of his life has been beautifully captured by the author. I am not going to reveal anything over here.

Nihal who was the elder son of Dilawar becomes a alcohol addict after he learns that his wife had developed illegal relationship with their own employee. He later transforms himself after his wife was killed by his own father who was trying to hatch a plot to see the downfall of her own father-in-law in conjunction with another politician. He was an advocate and dons the coat to oversee the release of his brother Kartar Singh in the end.

Sarah Tracy played a vital role in this story. She published the first book – compilation of poems by Kartar Singh and finally another book by name VEERA. This plays a vital part in the entire plot. What happens in the end – is something you need to buy he book to find out yourself 🙂

The end was perfect. This story will make anyone who reads this realise the nuances of being a hater of a particular community or religion because in the end, it is the True Love and Harmony which prevails

My Rating for this novel – 4.5/5


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