Get Set Go with Datsun redi-GO

Datsun is the household name across the globe for many decades. It is known for its innovation, features and most importantly for its affordable pricing.

With the introduction of the all new Datsun redi-Go, there is no doubt that this compact car will capture the dreams of many more households in India. I am going to discuss about three important features that appeals the most to me and why they make me to take this car out for a spin.

Feature 1:

Datsun Pro-Safe 7

Safety comes first when it comes to driving which is why this feature tops my list among all others in Datsun redi-GO

As the name implies this has got 7 Safety Features in it which is quintessential for a safe driving. These includes:

  1. Performance Augmented Brakes
  2. Reinforced Crash Protection Shell
  3. Opti-View
  4. Superior Suspension System
  5. Adaptive Electric Power Steering
  6. Force Absorbing Bolster Support and
  7. Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag.

These features are unique in their own way.

With Performance Augmented Brakes, you can apply brakes to bring your car to a halt at the shortest distance.


With Reinforced Crash Protection Shell which is UN94 Crash Performance Complaint, in case of an accident, the strengthened Datsun body structure gives optimised Torsional Rigidity and Stiffness.


With Opti-View one would get the best-in-class visibility with higher eye point where as with the Superior Suspension System, the H-shaped torsion beam with double pivot arm gives high stability and cornering performance.



The Adaptive Electric Power Steering gives high manoeuvrability at low speeds and stabiliy at high speeds.

prosafe 3

With Force Absorbing Bloster Support, one would get the high blstering support while corenering.


With Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag, the steering absorbs the impact force and protects occupants in case of an accident.


Picture Credits – Datsun redi-GO

Feature 2:

Small Turning Radius

The Datsun redi-GO enables us to make a full turn-around with just a 4.7-metre turning radius. This is perfect especially when you are in a crowded spot there by reducing your tension of getting away from that place with ease. I hate longer turning radius which is a hindrance in many congested places. Thankfully this is not the case any more with Datsun redi-GO

Feature 3:

Fuel Economy

With ever rising oil prices, it is high time that we need a immunity from it which is possible only with a better mileage. With the 799cc engine, Datsun redi-GO offers an impressive fuel economy of 25.17kmpl. What more do I need?

I would test Datsun redi-GO by driving it on the Bandra-Worli Sealink as it would give me the ultimate pleasure in experiencing the true world class drive. Since this is in Mumbai, I would simultaenously put this to test it for its turning radius and manoeuvrablity. I would be a fully satisfied person for sure when this is done.

Datsun redi-GO will help me beat the urban driving blues with its fuel economy, lesser turning radius and also with its extreme safety features. Its time to go for it.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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