Admit School – Outsmart Admissions & Peers

Launched in May 2016 by Johns Hopkins University alumni, Admit School is an online network of parents, students and alumni helping make better decisions about admissions. Using Admit School’s interactive search tools, students can find the right course, college, or any other learning resource. In addition, they can read expert-authored articles, ask questions and get answers from some of the leading minds in education, and connect with others in their school communities. More than 1 million international students come to the United States every year, majority of the students coming from India and China to popular education destinations such as USA, Australia and Canada.

Read advice and ask the experts

Get free help and advice from a community of experts and university alumni about every aspect of your international education. The user –friendly forum has endless resources about accommodation, post study work (OPT, CPT) and campus job opportunities.

Search and compare courses and universities

Search detailed, unbiased information on more than 800 international student friendly education providers and resources. Admit School aggregates data from the most trusted sources so you can spend less time digging through websites and more time focusing on your future.

Organize your search

Create favorites, lists, share them, and get feedback from the people who matter most to you.

Ace- Profile Evaluation Bot

First time ever Ace – Facebook Messenger bot that helps you with profile evaluation, shortlist universities and track your admissions. Every prospective international student struggles with GRE , TOEFL/IELTS score to find the right university matching his/her goals.

Just say hello and see the magic for yourself!

Admit School

For more info, click  -> Admit School


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