Saturday Brunch at Vascos, The Hilton – Chennai

Chennai is a home to many famous restaurants and brands ranging from local to multinational. Despite hundreds and thousands of restaurants available spread across every nook and corner in Chennai, Hilton stands as a class apart.

The brand Hilton needs no introduction.

For those who haven’t been to Chennai or pretty new to Chennai, Hilton Chennai is located exactly behind Ekkatuthangal Metro Station. Once the MRT is extended from Alandur to Chennai Airport(which will be done in few months), all one need to do is to board the MRT in the Airport and alight at Ekkatuthangal to gain access to Hilton Chennai for Stay, Food and Both. One can also come from other parts of the city – MRT from CMBT or by other modes of transport.


Having got the invite to try their Saturday Brunch, I knew that I would be overwhelmed by the hospitality and array of foods and my guess did not go wrong.


Mr. Achal Aggarwal, Executive Chef at the hotel, who holds his forte in Asian cuisine (with specialisation in Japanese cuisine) is looking to exemplify his breadth of culinary expertise through this whole new buffet set-up.

That’s the Executive Chef for you 🙂

Chef in Action

The all-new buffet experience will look to offer to guests Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Chinese, Burmese and Vietnamese cuisine and since this is the first time ever, this is being tried out Hilton Chennai is really excited about this.

Chennai being the hub of many Asian Majors like Hyundai, Samsung, Daesung, Honda, Takasago to name among the few, the expats of these companies who forms a major chunk of population has served as an inspiration for Hilton Chennai to start the Saturday Brunch.

Take a look at some of the food items that was kept for us to relish.

Assorted Baos

Action Station

Japanese Delicacy



Sweet Corn Bao

Hilton Chennai has ensure that both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food has been given equal weightage. There is a separate LIVE Counter where you could order your food as per your preference and you get it served. Here is a sneak peek on Non Vegetraian Delicacies.


Shrimps Fried



There is a dedicated Salad Counter as well.

Salad Counter



Lobster Poached

You can add more taste to all these foods with the wide range of Sauces and Pickles.

Sauce and Syrup 1

Sauce and Syrup


Needless to say there is a dedicated counter for Desserts too 🙂


Some of the veg delicacies I got to taste included Tofus and Korean Veg Pancakes.


Korean Veg Pancake

There is a dedicated counter for Mango close to Salad Counter.

Mango Delicacy

You can also get to taste dry fruits, if you are a fan of them 🙂

Dry Fruits

Their delicacy also includes some of the below mentioned items which one must surely try to enjoy the amazing taste and uniqueness of the food.

The set-up is really good. The in-built burners ensures hat the food is kept ho through out.

Set Up


Cantonese spring roll

(Vegetable Spring Rolls with sweet Chilly Dip)

Chicken Gyoza

(Japanese style pan seared chicken gyoza)



Duck salad

(Poached eggs, frisee, sherry vinaigrette)

Poached lobster salad

Crunchy greens, miso dressing

Sweet and spicy mushrooms

(Soy sugar and chili tossed black fungus & shitake mushrooms with sesame seeds)

Main Course

Japanese Katsu curry

(Deep fried crumbed chicken, Japanese curry)

Beef Rendang

(Spicy Malaysian beef curry)

Teriyaki glazed haricot beans

(With crushed peanut and grated coconut)

Asparagus wonton

(Tossed in coconut cream and red chili)


Rice & Noodle

Asian Paella with seafood

Japanese sticky fried rice


Live Counter


Selection of vegetables, poultry, seafood and meat



Thai mango coconut cream

Honey sesame tart

Tofu cheese cake with orange compote

 The Saturday Brunch is operational since yesterday (June 11,2016) and will be available on all Saturdays from 12:30 to 3:30 PM
Rates –  INR 1945 plus taxes per person (non-alcoholic), INR 2345 plus taxes per person (alcoholic), INR 950 plus taxes for children of the age 5 to 12 years. Children below 5 years go complimentary(which you don’t find in many hotels).
Some of the drinks (Mocktails) we were served are shown below and I must say, they are some of the best brands in the market. See it yourself to believe:
Jacobs Creek
Last but not the least, try this refreshing drink as well which is made with Lemon, Cucumber, Soda/Aerated Drinks or Alcohol(as per your preference)
Refrreshing Drink
It was a noon well spent with some amazing food combined with great ambiance and impeccable quality coupled with lovely hospitality which I would never forget for the years to come.
Many thanks to Hilton Chennai for their hospitality and was graceful enough to pose for the pic. Vasco’s at Hilton Chennai – is one sop shop to satisfy all your taste desires and needs….
Team Vascos

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