My Review: 6 Degrees – Game Of Blogs

6 Degrees


Six Degrees is a collection of 3 stories being penned down by 30 bloggers which works out at 10 blogger per story.I got to lay my hands on this amazing book. When I started reading it, I could not believe that it is the efforts put down by so many bloggers because no where in the story, I felt the disconnect. It is my great privilege to review this book of my fellow bloggers.

Story #1: The Awakening

This story is a science fiction. If you love them, then this is just for you. I being an avid sci-fi fan and has watched the movies since my childhood could not hold my rejoice when I found it was one.

The story begins with lead characters Tara, Shekhar and Roohi – a small family of Dad,Mom and a Kid and when they get a visitor Cyrus after being referred by Tara’s old friend and Professor, things starts to change.

Shekhar who was researching on alien life bumps into a blog post, the creator of whom has been in regular conversation with one Mr.Aryan Ahuja. Shekhar finds out that Aryan was hi neighbour and in the meanwhile he was joined by Jennifer, his friend.

The scenes gets changed in such a fast phase that even if I reveal a little bit more than this, it would be like revealing the whole story as it was closely knit and each and every page/incident is linked. I would recommend you to buy this book to try and find out who were the aliens and what had happened to them in the end….

Story #2: Entangled Lives

Same characters as mentioned above and this is no less compared to the first one. Infact I liked the way this story was weaved. Tara,Shekhar and Roohi were the family and one fine day Roohi meets Cyrus who helps her when she fell down from a tree trying to save kitten and gets introduced to the Dutta’s family.

In the meanwhile Tara meets Jennifer who wanted to pursue her career in photography. When Jennifer who was earlier in love with Cyrus come to Dutta’s residence, Cyrus was also present. Around the same time, a murder happens.

Who did the murder was the story all about. This leads to introduction of Jawalkar, the cop who preferred to called himself as Java. He investgates in lot of angles and when he finally confronts Cyrus, Jennifer accepts that she committed the murder.

Did Jennifer really commit the murder?

If yes, why?

If she did not commit the murder, then who did?

Read the story by buying theis book and you will be really shoced to find the person who was behind the murder and the reason for it.

A part of the story has been weaved by my good friend Ms. Srilakshmi Indrasenan and I am really glad to see her name in the book 🙂

Story #3: Missing – a journey within

This is a different story altogether. The same characters are present in this story too. Shekhar Dutta, Tara Dutta and their kid Roohi Dutta were having a peaceful life. Roohi was diagnosed with a rare disease when she was born and being operated by Dr Aryan Ahuja, she started to lead a normal life when she grew up.

One fine day Roohi Dutta goes missing from her school and Tara who was always busy with her editing work gets the shock of her life. They tried to frantically search by posting in all social media channels. In the meanwhile Jennifer who comes to Mumbai clicked lot of pics and one of them was that of Roohi’s and when she found out that Roohi was missing, she immediately alerts Shekhar and Tara.

The search ends in a fruitful way as the Duttas find Roohi in the safe hands of Cyrus. Was Roohi abducted by Cyrus? If yes, why?

The story takes real twists and turns here and in the meanwhile Jennifer finds something fishy about Dr Aryan Ahuja as he was constantly commenting on Cyrus’s blog post.

Does Dr Ahuja knows Cyrus? If yes, is he aware of his intentions? Grab the book to find out more 🙂

Rating for this book a perfect 5/5

6 Degrees is India’s first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs hereYou can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs   if you liked the review 🙂

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!



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