BE FREE with Logitech

Logitech is a world leader in computer peripherals. Most of u would have used their products at least once in our lifetime. When I heard there is a display of some of the iconic products in Express Avenue Mall in Chennai, I decided to go to take a look at it.

What I had seen there was simply stunning!!

Be Free

BE FREE is what Logitech wanted us to experience and with their products, I am sure they have already achieved it.

BT Speaker Kit

This captured my attention to start with. This is a BlueTooth(which would hereafter be referred on my blogpost as BT ) Speaker Kit which when connected to your age old speakers, will convert them into BT Speakers making it easier for you to play the songs from your smartphone, tab to the speakers attached directly.

BT Mouse

This is the Logitech BT Mouse. One of the Logitech BT mouse ( MX ANYWHERE 2) is so amazing that it can be configured to work with 3 systems.

BT Key board

The keyboard shown above is K380 which also works on BT functionality and can be configured in 3 devices simultaneously.

PC to TV Keyboard

The keyboard shown above is K400 Plus. As you could see it, this keyboard can help you control your TV via PC thereby giving you absolute convenience. This keyboard also has a tracking mouse pad on the right corner. Hence you do not need a mouse any more 🙂

Docking Keyboard

The one shown above is K480. This is the product I liked the most. This is a super awesome keyboard which also works on BT technology and can help you in pairing upto 3 devices at a time. I felt really amazed and was equally intrigued when I came to know it is available in Amazon

This is really special because you do not have to type anymore on your touch screen gadgets(iphone,ipad or other tablets). All you need to do is dock them up. Pair it and you are ready to go. You can type in using the keyboard. How simple is that?

All the above devices can be configured on iOS,Windows & Android. Do I need to say that I did go ahead and placed the order for K480 on Amazon?

Check it out in person, if you are in Chennai today(26/6/16) in Express Mall and they will be back next weekend as well – on 2,3 and 4th July. Do not miss it. Its time to go wireless!!


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