Being diagnosed with breast cancer, or finding out that a loved one has breast cancer, can be devastating. It can be very difficult to accept this diagnosis, at both the physical and emotional level. Even a mere suspicion of a lump in the breast can trigger a chain of questions and fears in the mind, and can completely drain you emotionally.

When this happens, sometimes even before they go to a doctor, most people resort to the internet to find out more about what they are feeling and consider all the possible outcomes. And in our internet savvy world, a single word on Google can give you thousands of search results. But this also makes it difficult to navigate and find a right web link with authentic information on breast cancer.

So, to make it easy, we’ve put together some trustworthy websites that offer a lot of information and resources, if you wish to read upon breast cancer:

World Health Organization: The United Nation’s global organization for health has information on worldwide breast cancer numbers, risk factors and what women can do to prevent or detect breast cancer early. It also provides some useful links for further reading.



National Cancer Institute: This website of the leading U.S cancer research institute covers different areas of breast cancer support, including screening, treatment and current research. It also has regular updates on statistics, along with information on breast cancer prevention. Moreover, it has informative links to resources that can offer support to patients with this disease.


NHS Choices: The official website of the National Health Service (England) offers detailed information on symptoms, causes, treatment and living with breast cancer. Additionally, it also narrates some motivating real-life stories of patients with breast cancer.


Macmillan Cancer Support: Visit this site for a better understanding of what it means if breast cancer is “Her2 positive”. Information on this site includes: understanding of breast cancer, diagnosing, treating and coping with breast cancer. Furthermore, it also gives you some good guidance on the practical aspect of this disease, and how to manage work, travel and finances.


Tata Memorial Centre: Among the best-known institutes for cancer treatment in India, the Tata Memorial Centre website has a list of reputed cancer treatment centres in India.



I am HER2: this site gives you detail information on “HER2 positive” breast cancer. It provides a completely unbiased support service that can encourage HER2 positive breast cancer patients and their caregivers to opt for the best treatment options for their condition. This site also has inspiring true stories to motivate the patient with breast cancer to stand strong in the battle to fight against breast cancer.



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