How to Beat Lung cancer and Stay Healthy?

Cancer was once a dreadful disease. Not any more. With introduction of latest technology, we could effectively tackle it. However Lung Cancer still remains second highest killer accounting to 15% as per the reports in 2013.

One of the major causes of Lung Cancer is smoking which causes the damage to lung tissues and prompt the growth of abnormal cancer cells in the lungs. This in turn leads to development of tumor.Lung Cancer cannot be detected during the early stage and shows the symptoms only during the advanced stage. This includes chronic cough or “Smoker’s Cough”, coughing up blood or mucus, discomfort when swallowing, shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing, hoarseness, weight loss, poor appetite, headache and fever. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to quit smoking or avoid being exposed to secondhand smoke.Early detection brought about by increased awareness and advanced diagnostic methods have ensured a high rate of survival.

Diagnosing the symptoms earlier and giving the right treatment is one of the best ways to tackle Lung Cancer. You need to find the leaders in this field for the treatment. This is where Manipal Hospitals comes into play. Being part of the Manipal Group which is known worldwide, this hospital which is one of the finest in Bangalore provides the world class treatment. It provides a complete range of solution for cancer care which also has the support of other super specialty departments like neurosurgeryplastic & reconstructive surgery, urology and many others for all round support and care under one roof. The department of Oncology has the latest amenities which help in correct and accurate diagnosis with the help of CT Scans, X-rays, blood tests, endoscopes, pap smears and biopsies.

There are different types of treatment available for the Lung Cancer. It includes Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic radiotherapy, Targeted therapies etc., When it comes to HIPEC (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemo therapy), it incudes Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Clinical Haemotology,Bone Marrow Transplant, Nuclear Medicine and Therapy. With dedicated physicians in the Oncology Department, Manipal Hospitals can be regarded as one of the finest in this segment due to the following reasons:

  • Multi-disciplinary Tumor Board
  • Protocol based treatment
  • Quaternary care hospital
  • Team of multi-specialists
  • Affiliations with University of Minnesota physicians for Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Palliative care (includes cancer pain relief, nutritional support et al in advanced cancers)
  • Preventive care (includes various screening procedures for early detection of cancer as well as organizing lectures & interactive sessions to educate public on cancer prevention)
  • Robotic assisted onco-surgery

The availability of best doctor advice makes Manipal Hospitals a front runner in this segment. These doctors have more than a decade of experience in this field making it one of the best places for Cancer Treatment.


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