CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer which most of us know. In real life, not all the employees would have had the chance to have even seen their CEO in person thereby giving no chance to talk about having had a discussion with him/her.

CEO’s are often considered as the most powerful person in a company/organization only next to it’s Founder/MD. They wield enormous powers and these powers give them the image of Demi-God among the employees. We often get to hear that PIO (People of Indian Origin) being appointed as a CEO in a Fortune 500 Company and we immediately start celebrating them even though many of them would have left the country for good. We feel satisfied that some one did the unthinkable.

From the above, we get to see how much power they wield since most important decisions that would affect the very existence of the company were taken by a CEO and if turns good, it is good for them and vice-versa.

Most of us who work in an MNC or a Private Company may have a great opinion about their CEO. This is irrespective of the fact whether we have spotted him/her or had a discussion with him/her. We might also at times wondered whether this so called CEO existed in REAL. This is valid in all front for the simple fact we may not have seen our CEO who is a globe trotting person 24/7 and when I stumbled upon this site I was really surprised to see people out there are ready to celebrate their CEO.

Now few questions arise in front of me. They include but not limited to:

1) Is this for real?

2) If yes, who these people are and who they were talking about?

3) How can the best CEO be adjudged and on what criteria?

4) Will we get to know the results soon and who would he/she be interacting with?

Its time for us to wait and watch to see whether this is happening for real…..

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