#IndiasMostLovedCEO – Part II

Well, on my previous post, I did speak in depth about CEOs, their function and what would feel like seeing/meeting the CEO and how we celebrate them. We must not think that they sit in fully air-conditioned four walls with hardly any work to do. What they do is in fact the job which 100’s and 1000’s of mind put together can do. This is why they sit in that chair and since the very functioning and existence of the company is responsible on the decision taken by them, they simply wouldn’t have time to sit and relax – even if it is their own company.

Since these CEOs wield so much influence and power that their very decision can go too an extent of shaking a Country’s Economy, it is time for them to get recognized.

How will they be recognized?

Who recognizes them?

What are the metrics considered for this?

We might have our own perceptions but in reality, they may not be good enough to adjudge the best CEOs out there because when it comes to competition, no one would want to lose as each and every CEO is good in their own aspect. There may be some ups and downs in their professional life but that will not be the only criteria on which they should be adjudged. A CEO may have saved Millions of Dollars for a company but on the other hand another CEO would have brought in Billions of Dollars of business. Now the question arises.. Who is the greatest? The Former or the Latter? Even though by numbers Billion is superior, that may not be good in this case because the nature of the business itself revolves around Billions where as on the other hand, a company which was reeling under loses comes back to profit due to Millions in Savings will add more value to the shareholder.

Well. Will it not be good if they have a contest to adjudge the best?

I can hear you saying Wait. Yes. You heard it right. It is a contest and to be honest, even I am not sure as to what this is all about but you may have a look at this site and see whether you could ascertain anything for yourself….

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