My take on – The Story of a Suicide

To begin with, I must say “The story of a suicide” is a great attempt by Sriram Ayer who has weaved a story attaching various characters meticulously. I wouldn’t know whether to call this an e-Book because this is surely different with good illustrations. I would be giving my review below and before you could go through that, you can read the entire story here ->

The site also has/offers an audio book on SoundCloud which would also come handy in case you would want to read it when you travel.

The main characters in the story includes Sambamurthy aka Sam, Mani, Hari, Alex, Aditya and Charu. The story brings out various untold miseries and hardships faced by kids and students when they grew up which includes sexual abuse and other things.

Sam, a self proclaimed tech geek gets into a premier institution for his higher studies and he gets to meet Mani and Hari. Mani had a troubled childhood since his father was addicted to alcohol. Hari on the other hand was abused by his uncle sexually and when he tried to inform his parents, they always shrugged him off.

Sam falls in love with Charu in the college who initially liked him but distanced herself later. Sam thought that Charu was only seeking bodily pleasure and was not genuinely interested in relationship. He hatches a plan to redeem his revenge but it gets Hari and Mani.


Do read the novel and you will get to know about it.

My take on this novel:

This is happening across the globe day in and day out. How we need to address this is a matter of concern. As a parent, one should give proper attention to what their kids try to convey to them rather than neglecting. Only when a parent hears what their kid is trying to communicate, they would come to know about the happenings around them. This isn’t easy since parents go to work these days but it is not difficult spending some time with the kids.

The novel has clearly brought out the hardships faced by the characters without any flaw. The ending was tragic but that is what makes this novel stand out among others.

My Real Life Experience:

I haven’t come across any of the situation that has been mentioned in this novel but I did have a colleague who was a gay. He was in fact well behaved. We all knew about this but did not make a fuss because we felt that he has made his priorities and he has his own rights and liberty to live his life….


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