An Open Letter to an Old Friend



Its been a while that we have met. We studied together only for 2 years. Though we were in touch for 3 years after that during our college days, we had to go on our own ways seeking fortune and position elsewhere and I still wonder how we missed to get connected with each other. I would rather put this blame on the technology because Internet those days were a luxury and we use to pay hefty phone bills connecting to internet using dial-up pack for which we pay extra. Facebook was not there. Orkut came much later and it does not even exist now.

I still remember the incident which made me realise your true character. I was nominated as Class Leader by our Class Master which usually is a selection otherwise. When I came running to the classroom, the shoe laces got entangled and I fell on the floor. While everyone started laughing including the girls which made me really embarrassed, no one thought about helping me in getting up which you did. You may have forgotten that incident but it is still fresh on my memories and would remain to stay so even after a decade.

I admired your dressing sense and I would openly admit that my dressing sense is entirely attributed to yours. As far as my memory knows, I could never think of a simplest misunderstanding between us. It is really a rarity even on those days.

Do you remember that you along with coupe of our other friends were always stay put together and you use to frequently visit my house and relish on my mother’s delicacies. I should also say that I use to mercilessly tell you guys that I wanted to go to bed and would ask you guys to leave. I admit that was rude but that is what I am. You people never took it in bad sense which is what I need to appreciate.

You all use to come to my house a wee before Diwali to burst crackers on my terrace, fly kites and then we go to our fav Welcome Hotel Terrace Garden Restaurant to eat our fav veg dishes(we did this for the sake of our other 2 friends who were vegetarian) and I still remember the day I visited your house and your mom gave such lovely dosas. That was the only instance I came to your place and I still cherish it.

We lost our contacts. I went to Bangalore and stayed there for 8 years. You went to US. I was pleasantly surprised when you got hold of me finally on Facebook last year after a gap of 15 years. I did search your profile too on FB but I could not find and I still wonder how you found me? May be I am Famous… Just Joking.

Thank You dear pal, Senthil Raj Babu for being such an awesome friend. I am eagerly looking forward to your return to India. Come Soon…

Your Best Friend,

Sarath Babu S

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  1. Babu, it was so nice to read out the letter. It gave me pleasant memories of our school days. I am not as good as you when it comes to narration but I will try to do my best.

    I was so lucky to find you over FB and thanks to technology for that. The last time I saw you was in Bangalore, I stayed at your place for an interview and that was it, after that it took more than a decade for me to find the lost treasure.

    We were so comfortable being at your place (you got to blame your parents for that) and that is the reason why we refused to go even after you wanted us to leave 🙂
    We had the best time of our life, we were responsible, we focused on our studies, we did not misuse the freedom given to us by our parents and top of all we had the best friends group.

    There are some moments that I would like to share with you.
    • The early morning bus ride to RR Academy
    • Watching Arunachalam Movie
    • Making fun of one of a friend who brags that his father is a close friend of “Hyundai” chairman and he pronounces “Hyundai” as “undi”
    • One day Sathish got nicely from a police constable in our usual bus route.
    • The speed in which we try to solve our accountancy question paper and get out of the exam hall and by doing so we used to get nicely from our beloved KNR.
    • Our craze for the Reynold’s jetter pen (especially the purple one that i had and which you could not get)
    • Once i got caught by a traffic cop and i took money from Aunty to pay the cop.
    • I used your fax machine to receive a letter of recommendation from my cousin in Singapore.
    • You making fun of my trouser and calling it as “Vipul” saree

    I have to tell you this, Aunty and Uncle always treated me more like their own son, Aunty has told me many times. After my marriage, I used to take my wife Mithra to purasaiwalkam and every time I show your house to her and tell her that this where I had the most fun of my life and adding to that I used to say “ippo enga irrukanao…?” but I am so glad that I got answer to that question now…
    As you know I am sailing thru difficult times but I am confident that I will overcome all the difficulties and will be back to my normalcy. We will live that life again…

    People want to be close with celebrities but they don’t like their friends to become one. I am not that kind of a person. I want you to achieve great heights in your profession and I will be there to support you at all levels. You took a very tough decision in your life. I know that the society would have been very ruthless in demotivating you. But it was your sheer determination and passion that has brought you to this extent.

    Well done Babu!!! You are certainly an inspiration not because of the 25k+ followers but for the person who you are…

    P.S – sorry for such a big comment…

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