Go Bollywood with Follo

Movies and Indians are inseparable. This is one of the reason why India is home to most number of movie releases in a year and it is more than what is being released elsewhere.

We get to see lot of sites and other social media channels. When you see them, they may not be the same name/handle in all the places or the names/handle may not connect well with the brand or the industry.

Follo differs in this aspect because if you see all their social media channel names are appealing and well connect without differing from one place to another as they all are called follocelebs.

This site has got lot of information. What I liked the most is the Bollywood B20.


It gives all the latest and upto date information on Bollywood Industry including the hot topics of the day. When I looked at it, I saw the news of Salman Khan planning to make a hindi remake of telugu movie Pellichoopulu

Being a South Indian and a Telugite myself, I could not ask for more co I so wish that he finalises on this.There were lot of other news which covers the top stars and this means, there is one for everyone because not everyone would be liking or supporting any 1 actor in particular.

It doesn’t end with this. There is also a section called Featured Gallery where you can get t see your favorite stars pictures which includes the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Sunny Leone

There is also a section called Celebrities and what makes it HOT is for every celeb you follow, you get 10 Bolly Rewardz. Follow all and reap all the points. Registration is pretty easy which you can do it via your Facebook account. If you are bored, you can also play the quiz of your Favorite Star. I must say, this is one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.


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