How Pay1App Cheated me…


That is what I would say when it comes to Pay1App. I am into Social Media since 2011 and have always been an early adopter when it comes to technology. Coupled with MCA Degree, this wouldn’t come as a surprise for those who knew me well.

I have used and been using most of the apps including PayTM, Mobikwik, Freecharge and Oxigen Wallet and had never faced an incident which I did face with Pay1App.

I got a voucher from them for Rs.500 for winning one of their contest and I promptly did add it to my account after creating a profile and left it as it is. After a week, when I logged in, I was shocked to see that the remaining balance was not Rs.500 but way far less. When I checked what had been the cause, this is what I witnessed.


Someone has logged in to my account and did a recharge of Rs.80 and Rs.359 which were not done by me. Truecaller has also revealed the details as to who these people were. When I spoke to the team, I was told that it would be a system glitch and they would sort it out soon.



The issue was raised on August 19. I was also assured that it would be sorted out soon. I am writing this blog post on September 9 and till date the issue has not been resolved.


Everything is based on TRUST and when a company cannot keep their customer’s account safe, how will they strive?I am writing this blog post not to defame the name of the company which is NOT my intention or motto but to make others aware of the security glitch because what if I had topped my account with few thousand rupees and lost all my money since I do lot of transactions with other app,regularly.

Stay Safe with company like this which cannot keep their customer account safe else you would also be suffering just like I did…..


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