The Perfect Woman

Time and again I have been emphasizing on this fact that the perfect woman so far to have come in my life is my Mother. I may sound a bit exaggerated but that is the fact. This is because she always takes time prior to coming to a conclusion or taking a decision which means the end result of it is always perfect, if not otherwise.

Her day starts in the morning at 5:30AM ever since I got to watch her. She meticulously starts cleaning the house by mopping the floor. Get the milk boiled and wakes us up (up to an age where we use to get up ourselves). She sees that we get all the nutrients be it with food, drink etc and was also instrumental in imbibing good habits and others.

She taught me the essence of savings. She made me realise how important it is to save and introduced it in such a subtle manner by extracting small work from me from time to time and giving a token amount as incentive. This encouraged me as well those days and made me to realise that after all I am cleaning my own house for which I should not expect a reward.

She has also taught me the importance of speaking the truth always irrespective of its outcome as she has made me understand that if we uttered a single lie, to cover it up, we need to utter 100 more lies which is tedious and demanding. I never spoke lie(s) to her ever since and having made me realise the nuances of getting addicted to Smoking and Drinking, she made me to promise her that I would be a teetotaler which I can proudly say that I am one and keeping up the promise for close to 25 years now.

She made me to read what I wanted to read rather than what she desired. She gave me freedom to select my career. She has never interfered in my life even after I got married and has always been a supportive mother-in-law for my better half. She is never jealous of others or their achievements and always said one should look after their own life and not others. She is an excellent cook which is why I had never craved for outside food. She made me to take up the interest of gardening and some of my dressing style and most of my personality is just a reflection of her…..

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