Vincent and I

I am a real lucky guy to have found some good friends from time to time. When ever there was an incident of me losing a good friend due to various reasons, The Almighty has always been kind enough in helping me finding another good soul. I don’t think this would happen often in anyone’s life but it has happened in my life.

According to me, a Friend is an Angel sent by The GOD as HE cannot be there with us all the time in all the places. These friend(s) will be there for you all the time making you feel delighted. As a kid, I had a friend who studied with me from Kindergarten to Standard X. While we were used to be referred for the meaning of real friendship by most of the teachers, we had to say goodbye to our friendship since that guy became close with others who had not so good habits and behavior by then.

After my studies, when I went to Bangalore to join an MNC,  a guy joined along with me. I later came to know that he was also from Tamil Nadu but from a different district. He is none other than Vincent, the Hero of this blog post. There was also another person who joined our gang and she is Bhuvana who later on married Vincent.

We were referred by our Team Lead as a notorious gang since we always stayed together. I had a good friendship with Vincent. Since he stayed alone in an apartment, during the weekends (we use to work in 11 hour shift for 4 days and used to enjoy 3 days off), I use to go to his place once our duty got over. I would watch some movies the next day and use to have nice food from various restaurants before he would drop me at home on his two wheeler.

Even though I stayed with my parents, they were busy those days in finding an alliance for my sister which has demanded them to shuttle between Bengaluru and Chennai. When ever they were away, I would visit Vincent’s place without giving a second thought. He also took me to his place(Vellore) where we went for trekking and also roamed in various places. I stayed in his house for 3 whole days and his mother and brother showed so much of affection and love to me. I felt like I was at home. Since my sister was getting engaged, I left his place reluctantly.

When my performance saw a massive drop, it was Vincent who stood behind me and saved me from getting fired. He gave me some pep talk and also made me understand that personal life is different from professional life. With his guidance, within a quarter, I could emerge from nowhere to being a SuperStar in my process.


That’s both my team mates cum friends who got married.

Unfortunately, Vincent also had some personal life problems. Thankfully this time, I was with him and supported him in getting him married to Bhuvana. That was a long story but it all happened the same way like it happens in a movie. Vincent and Bhuvana are happily settled in Bengaluru with a daughter while I am settled in my home town, Chennai.

Thank You for reading my blogpost and before leaving, do take a look at this to find out as to why I spoke in such great detail about friendship. If you respect and value friendship, do not miss watching this show –


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