Zee Cinemas to air “A Flying Jatt” on 22nd October,2016 at 8PM

We all would love to watch super hero movies irrespective of your age and it is these movies which always brings all of us together. You may be just 8 years old and your grandfather may be 80. Yet, you both would have a common connect – a movie. Most importantly, it would be a super hero movie.

For all the super movie lovers, rejoice.


Zee Cinemas is bringing to you the most awaited movie – to be aired on 22nd October 2016 at 8PM.


What makes this movie unique?

There are lot of things that makes this movie unique. I would go with few of the important aspects.

The movie showcases a person who has acquired the super heroic powers by an accident which means he is still a normal person at heart. This makes him feel worried for things which a normal man does but at the same time, he overcomes all these through his super heroic powers. Unlike other super heroes, where the parent – either Mom or Dad or both are worried about their kid exhibiting the superpowers in public, this guy gets constantly reminded by his Mom to use the powers when he was reluctant to use it.What makes him special is this – He is the first flying super hero from India.




Despite being a superhero, he is never averse of doing his household duties and is also responsible enough to uphold the environment and its greenery, protecting it from pollution. He is a kid at heart and a great dancer. Also a noteworthy point to be mentioned here that he is a great martial arts fighter too. Having landed this role at a very young age of 26, this guy knows what he does and would never fail to fascinate us.




This superhero can fight, dance,protect and fly which makes him really unique among all. He is a doting son to his mother and a protector of the good.



He is coming soon only on Zee Cinemas. Do not forget to set your reminder to catch this uber cool movie on 22nd October at 8PM. I am all set and you?


Get to know all the awesomeness from http://www.zeecinema.com/


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