Mountain Trek

Mountain Trekking is fast capturing the interest among the youngsters in India. This is been prevalent on other countries for centuries now. This is one sport that would test our sheer grit and determination.One should have this as a passion to do this on a regular basis. As they say, once you stepped out, there is no looking back.

Trekking is a unique concept where one needs to be prepared both mentally and physically. The real test begins once you started trekking and have reached half way. You should have more concentration to reach the top rather than thinking about going down. Of course, getting own is much difficult when compared to climbing as the steepness and slippery surface may test our real patience. One needs to be practicing this at least for few months prior to setting out for the expedition. The experience one would get differs from mountain to mountain as rocky mountains would be totally different when compared to the icy mountains.

You also need to have all the essential gears starting from your clothes which includes wnd cheaters, gloves, trekking shoes, UV Glasses to give you clear vision, thermals – when you are climbing icy mountains, ropes, hooks, water bottle, GPS enabled smartphone, water bottle with energy drink etc to name a few. When you need to stay for a night or two, you may also need to think about carrying tent gear.

When you are buying these gears, ensure that you buy the time and tested product rather than buying something which is available for a cheaper price since these gears have greater impact on your life. For some, they may have the interest to climb the mountain but they wouldn’t know as to who approach. For amateur trekkers or one who wanted to start trekking, they can visit Mojhi

It is also advisable to go in a group with a well qualified guide because all these people may come handy during the time of danger. It is also advisable not to do anything adventurous while trekking like taking a selfie as it may put your life in danger. Having said that, life is full of adventure and taking calculated risks is always better compared to an unknown. You may also check this page if you are really interested in giving out a try to trek Mt.Everest because this is one place which every trekker would want to go to prove to the world that they have trekked the tallest mountain in the world. After all, it is a matter of Pride combined with Passion.


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