Ideal Platform for Startups to get discovered

Startups often face many challenges. To start with, it is the funding which they would require for them to sustain their business model. Not all startups would be self-funded from the beginning till the end. This is followed by recognition.

There is a connect between recognition and funding. Any startup which gets its due recognition would easily attract funds from the PE or Angel Investors. We have seen many startups being funded by various investors which includes the likes of Softbank, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and also from PE investors like Ratan Tata, N R Narayanamurthy, Sachin Bansal to name a few.

Now the question is – How to get this recognition?

Recognition is not so easy to get. It needs a proper platform which would showcase the product and the due talents along with business model of a startup to the potential investors. o this, the platform itself needs to be big and recognised.

You might have the idea but without exposure, there is a major trouble lurking over your head.

You might have the talented team but without funds, you cannot retain or motivate them to perform.

You might have a  great business idea but without funds, you cannot execute it.

Is there a solution for this?

The answer is a big YES.

Catapooolt, one of the leading online portal which specialises in getting the startup funded is the best option.The association with Economic Times has made it even more appealing and after its tremendous success in Season 1, they have now come up with Season 2 to help the deserving candidates. With over 800+ investors and 50+ startup ecosystem partners, they help the startups to get discovered at the right time with the ideas being validated and being funded,eventually.

Getting discovered by investors,mentors,media and communities is the first step.This is followed by market validation, prototype funding,media visibility and product market fit.Not only this, one would also get assured funding support by their partners with complimentary access to Mentorpreneurs- IDEATE program, a 6 months hands-on program to help the startups to get into the right track. You would also get one on one support from mentors. Where else do you find such a robust system that is crowd funded?

The power is in your hands. If you have the talent, this is the place where you need to be. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your idea recognised and funded at the right time by the right people. Click here to realise your dream ->


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