Why Love?

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As a kid, I always use to wonder what is the true definition of L-O-V-E. I had many notions to it. It differed as and when I added an year to my age. from 0-12, it was nothing but the affection I received from my parents, sis, relatives and friends.

When i turned 13 till I was 19, it was about appearance and beauty and just like majority of other teenagers, I too fell in love on few occasion. I would clearly term this as infatuation. Not all who fall in love around this age can call this infatuation because few of them have braved the time and tide to cement their ever lasting relationship and was successful too. I am writing only in my context.

From 20 to 30, I was in love with my studies and job. I would say, it is towards achieving what I desired the most – material possession.

From 3o till now( do you want to know my age? If yes check my FB/Twitter Profiles) – I am in love with my Better Half. This would go to the next stage when we become parents.

What I have understood from my experience is this:

LOVE is a Universal Concept. It keeps changing itself in various forms according to one’s need and the situation that warrants it. I still have a long way to go, hoping I would live for another 3 to 4 decades and would experience this in different dimensions and I promise that I would record them here making it more clear. Experience the feel as no one can give a clear definition for this concept…..

Note-This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The chennai bloggers club in association with woodooz  and Indian Superheroes


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