Movie Review – AAA

The movie Anbanavan, Adangathavan, Asarathavan is a tamil movie which is being performed by Simbu.


The movie created lot of hype as it was the movie of Simbu which got released after lot of struggle and most importantly, it came after a gap in the career for the actor.

The movie was tad disappointing for the fact that it wasn’t the usual Simbu movie and when you were expecting the movie to get over, you were given a shock that there is part two to it. Even though there were two heroines, Tamannah and Shreya Saran, they hardly had any impressive role.

Kasturi plays the role of a cop and she was not given much importance. The movie might give you an impression that it is a triple action for Simbu but it wasn’t the case.

Comedy gives some hand for the smooth flow of the movie with VTV Ganesh playing the vital role along with Mottai Rajendran. Song’s weren’t good enough to give any weightage.

Overall rating – 2.5/5


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