Movie Review – Vanamagan


Vanamagan is a Tamil feature film being directed by A L Vijay. The movie portrays Jeyam Ravi in a role which he has not done earlier.

Yes. Jeyam Ravi has doned the role of a Scheduled Tribe from Andamans  where the forest areas gets plundered for the enrichment of few individuals. When he fights, he along with his people get arrested. He is helped by a cop to escape and when that happens, he meets with an accident.

Sayessha who is the heroine of the movie airlifts Jeyam Ravi to Chennai where he gets treated and she slowly starts giving him training via gestures and body language. He finds out the bad intention of her uncle’s son who wanted to marry her but was able to stop it and he goes back to the forest but this time along with the heroine.

The end is a cinematic one because no where would you find a multi billionaire girl falling in love with a tribe and goes and settles in the forest. Leaving this aside, the movie is a message to poachers and general public thereby creating awareness about what is happening elsewhere.

Kudos to Jeyam Ravi who did a splendid job with the role which involved lot of courage, patience and talent which has been exhibited by him in the right proportion.

Overall Rating – 3.5/5


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