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My name is Sarath Babu S and I am from Chennai.

Joined Twitter in 2010. Has got around 29k Followers. All are genuine/organic followers and my handle is @AryanSarath

I am a Fellow Member of United Writers Association of India and Lions International.

I was an ex-journalist with New Indian Express and Citizen Reporter for Times of India. If you see my name every now and then in these newspapers, it is me 🙂

I am ranked among Top 2% people who review places on Trip Advisor in Chennai.

I am also ranked among Top 2 LinkedIn Profiles among the people who share my name.

Has 1,000+ Followers on Pinterest(@sarathn8) and 3000 Followers on Instagram (@sarathinstagram).

I also a Public Page on Viber. My Profile name is @AryanSarath

3150+ Friends on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sarathbabu.s).

Started blogging in 2010. My website is http://www.sarathbabu.in where I am posting more contents in the recent days.

Published an e-Book with SmashWords which has collection of short stories (Link ->  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/606637)

Active member on Swarm, Zomato, FoodeeBuddee, Snapchat etc.,

I have multiple hobbies which includes Numismatics, Philately, Collecting Autographs, Scale Model Cars, Watches and Pens.

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  1. Hi Sarath,

    I am Radhika and I write to you on behalf of Ignitee (a digital marketing agency in India).

    We wanted to get in touch with you for a hospitality client- it will be great if you can share your contact details.

    Thanks and regards,

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